Why am I so greedy ???


@LV Princess@
Dec 10, 2005
OMG I feel so awful,, I am getting a mirrior speedy and berry inclusion bracelet for xmas .... which I have had a peek at and a cognac spy in the new year .. I have paid 1/2 of. But I am not satisfied ... i have a room full of wonderful LV bags and still I want more ... i don't even carry 3/4 of the bags I own ... they just sit in there dustbags .. but I am reluctant to part with them.

I am now looking at the new louis vuitton spring line, and searching for my next purchase ... why can't I just be happy with what I have ... please help me; what is wromg with me :shame:

Apart form this ... I also don't think twice about speding $1000+ on a bag but anything else I would ... HELP !!! This can't be normal
i am the same way. i think the board doesn't help because you see everyone else's things and thinnbk "oh i want that!" or "gee, they have so much! I want that much!"

i'm trying to put myself on a ban. i got 2 new bags and an agenda and more than normal debt. that's what's keeping me from buying anything else. lol
ME too!:Push:

I just keep getting one bag after another! And when new collection comes up I jump all over it and select my prize! :shame:

I tell myself I don't need it but then I change my mind and say I want it!
Oh it's normal for this forum! LOL I am always on the search for my next bag. Seriously it's bad. I am soo not buying anything until next year and I think that will be tough!
Ah that's just like me!:yes:
right now i am contemplating on either(or both):confused1:
- mono speedy, mono pochette, mini mono pochette
- chanel 2.55 reissue in grey *drools*


on top of that...when i go shopping after xmas...i plan on buying loads of clothes and jeans ...eek! have to work everyday after my final exams to pay for SOME of it:sweatdrop:...lol....:wtf:
Sometimes it concerns me...like maybe im not normal..then I read threads like this and realize we are all alike when it comes to bags. In this case...Birds of a feather stick together, hold true. (I USED TO HATE it when my mom would say that)
It's funny how addictive LV can be. I'm in the same boat (closet of bags i don't use but still buying more). I've stopped trying to understand or justify it. I tell DH that everyone needs a vice. LOL. thank god for tPF!!!!
As I have said before it is like collecting ART, except for investing in a painting we are investing in our obsession for purses....one can never have too many purses, that's my opinion!!