Why am I so FICKLE????? To keep or not to keep?

  1. Okay while visiting my new love (Large Pear Hobo) something else caught my eye. So The signature stripe demi in Khaki/blue w/mini skinny came home with me too. Not a huge purchase ($200 +tax). Well got it home and I am not crazy :nuts: about it. Do I return it get a credit and wait for PCE and get the Soho small leather flap in black???

    Also the mini skinny was a gift and I don't have a receipt, you think they will give me a credit for the full price? I KNOW they got it at the boutique I was with them.
  2. If you're not crazy about the sig stripe demi, get your money back and wait for the PCE...better to wait a little bit and get something you really LOVE rather than keep something that you're only ho hum about....

    There's nothing worse than having money tied up in something you don't really love. I've done that a few times and am trying to learn my lesson!:rolleyes:
  3. Definitely return the sig stripe demi if you don't love it...which it sounds like you don't.
    You should not have a problem returning the mini skinny as long as it has the tags on it. When I returned my Multi Stripe Demi (with receipt) I also returned the matching mini skinny (with tag on but NO receipt). I got full credit for it...no questions asked!
  4. there is no FOR SURE that you will get PCE, so my advice is return it only if there is something there that you love love, but dont return it in hopes of just waiting for PCE
  5. I say return it ! I recently got a bag that I talked myself into loving but eventually I returned it and am so much happier now. This stuff is expensive so if you don't love it then it is a waste of money. You could always go to the outlet and maybe find something awesome if you don't like anything in their new line.
  6. Deff return it if you don't love it.
    Otherwise it will probably just sit on a shelf.

  7. I am friends with some SA's so even though last time I did not get one the manager put one aside for me.