Why am I so affraid of color?

  1. I found a beautiful blue bag at the outlet the other day but put it down and picked up yet another black one to add to my collection. I now have a black sig Ergo/Hamptons striped hobo, Khaki/saddle Carly, and really the only colorful thing I have is the Watercolor Wristlet but that goes INSIDE my bags so you don't even see it. I don't understand why I'm so afraid to get something colored! I mean, I'd love a nice pink or blue bag. But whenever I pick one up, I feel like it will never match anything I have--even if I do wear a ton of bright colors. I know that my brown and black bags will match everything fine but I feel like I'm wanting something more. My next purchase will probably be a white bag that I won't be able to wear until spring rolls around again but the whole lack of color in my wardrobe is really bugging me.
  2. what abotu red? it is a pseudo-neutral and u can wear it all yr
  3. Red is a beautiful color & coach does it well - try that:smile: It's the right season for it now too. Goes with many many other colors.
  4. My first colored Coach bag was a red one, and I just love it. I was also a brown and black girl, but I saw that red bag and fell in love. I also bought a blue one at the same time, but I don't love it as much.

    This is my red bag.
  5. I have a red bag and got a turquoise bag a few months ago. Love it! Since most colored bags look great with jeans which is what I mostly wear, I don't get too hung up on whether or not something matches. The neutral colors usually look good with the more vibrant colors.
  6. Wow that is a beautiful red leather bag! What year did that style come out? I wish Coach had more of those right now. I love the duffle shape and topstitching.
  7. I totally just realized that I put a typo in the title too. I know how to spell afraid, and I can't edit lol.

    Thanks for the suggestions about the red. Do you think the 2005 Holiday Patchwork Tote would be good? I really liked it when I went to the outlet but my grandmom was buying me a bag and I didn't want to get too pricey. They had them there for like $140ish and I really liked them.
  8. It's funny that you posted it since I was thinking the same thing - however, to the extreme. I only have black, and am even afraid to venture into the browns for fear that it wouldn't go with everything! My clothes tend to be more black than brown, but I have tons of very colorful brights and pastels! And I even wear black bags in the summer - is that wrong?!?!
  9. It is perfectly okay to wear what you like. If you love black bags than go for it. I love brown bags (all shades of brown) though I do have two black bags. I am thinking about
    getting the Bleeker Duffle in Magenta and carrying it through the winter. That is such a great color. I love green as well and the Bleeker Greens are gorgeous too! Just go with what you like.
  10. I'm one of those people who mostly carries brown bags, so I can relate. In a way, its good that you know what you love b/c you'll be happy with it. I think the holiday patchwork 2005 and 2006 are both gorgeous==I have the 06 shoulder tote and love it--and I agree that Coach does amazing red, so maybe that's an option for you?

    I also love the white legacy leather; I just worry about the upkeep. Make sure to pick something you really love and know you'll use. It's no good just sitting in your closet!
  11. hmm. i was once that way, now i have a white bag that i wear almost daily..lol..
    the 05 patchwork is gorgeous. and better than this years..imo...i think it is more verasatile too and will go with a lot. and $150 is a great price for it..
  12. I am afraid of color too. All my bags are black and brown. Im lucky if i even change them with my outfits!
  13. I was the same way. I almost got my purse in black because it was more pratical. The black version was very nice but it just didn't make my heart sing like my big blue bag did.

    I think if you're really meant to have a colored bag it will speak to you.
  14. Color is good! I have a turquoise ergo and I love it! I think red is a good idea too, and that 2005 patchwork is really nice and will add a punch of color! I am watching the duffle on eBay for myself :graucho:
  15. I am a brown/black kind of gal too, but color is fun. As long as it's not your only bag, I say go for it! I know I for one need to lighten up and live a little more, enjoying it along the way. :yes: There is nothing wrong with only having brown/black bags though.. whatever floats your boat! ;)