Why am I never satisfied? Help!!

  1. Hi everyone. First Ibought my Speedy 25 and it sat on my desk to look at! Decided the Popincourt Haut was the bag for me so I bought that and LOVED it. But..... now, after selling my Speedy 25 I'm thinking perhaps I should have bought the Speedy 30 instead of the PH. Why can't I just ever be happy with a purhase!! Should I exchange the Pop for the Speedy 30????
  2. Sometimes the chase is better than the catch. But ya know I am the same way lots of times. I have a speedy 30, and have no regrets. I love it, maybe you will too. :smile:
  3. I truly think that is part of it. It is so much fun to choose and then the excitement of waiting for the grand arrival. But then pffffft - the air goes out of the balloon!!
  4. Well first congratulations on selling the Speedy 25 -- that was fast, and should make us all confident that with LV we can preserve our flexibility and try different styles! Curious about how the Poppinhaut compared to the Speedy 25, size and comfort wise, and why you went from one to the other, and why, now, you are attraced back to the Speedy 30. Suspect many of us are flirting with those two styles. Please tell more!
  5. As you said, it is nice that this is such a lovely forum where we can be safe and secure in knowing someone will love our bags!! As for my dilemna - I got the speedy 25 loved it and for some reason it just sat in my room and I never carried it. Then... my friend came over with her PH and I fell in love. The size, those little gold balls, ahh! So I decided to sell the Speedy and buy the PH. Its here and its adorable but...... its a little "totish" for me - if that makes any sense. Maybe a little too structured where the Speedy is more like me - VERY casual and throw it around kind of bag (not throw me around, lol). Does that make any sense.
  6. Well, yes, it does make sense. I am drawn toward the more casual too and am worried that when I get the 25 I may wish I had gotten the 30. The other style that seems to appeal to me is the Noe or the Petite Noe. There doesn't seem to be much interest in those styles on this Forum but I think I might eventually look more closely at one of those. They look good being carried. Not sure I like the drawstring though. Have you considered one of those?
  7. I could see how you think that, but have you tried actually throwing your PH around ? I'm a super casual, always jeans and t-shirts girl and I adore my PH, you can abuse it, LVs can take it ! I would give it another try before going out and seeing if the speedy 30 is for you. Also, if you're apt to change your mind and you'd like to go for another LV, I would definitely recommend buying used, it'd be a little less hard on your wallet !
  8. Do you think the PH could be as casual and knockaround as the speedy?
  9. Yes ! Definitely, I think the PH is very versitille.. I actually gave the speedy 25 I bought to my mom since I prefer the PH so much more. :love:
  10. I Think You Should Go Try The 30....It May Make All The Difference!
  11. even when we have the perfect bag, we are always looking to get another even more perfect bag.
  12. the grass is always greener i guess!
  13. You are so right!! I always do that....
  14. maybe you should get both. the PH and the Speedy 30.
  15. yikes - don't get me thinking in that direction!~ Although now i'm thinking perhaps the PH and a Mandarin speedy - you guys are killing me!