Why am I lusting a speedy 30 again??

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  1. So I find myself wanting a speedy 30 again and I feel like it’s a beginners bag. I had one and sold it lol. I have two Ebene and Azur bandouliere 35s, NF mm I’ve had for probably 9 years, Galleria, a 35 mono Speedy, and two Eva’s. I kinda went to other brands but I just keep seeing 30’s and I want one. Oh and I’m 39 soon to be 40 but I dress very trendy when not at work. What’s everyone’s thought? TIA
  2. Oh I was kinda of listing the BB Alma too [emoji38]
  3. A beginner’s bag? How does a 30 differ from all the bags you listed? They are all pretty similar to me. I think the Neverfull is the most common first LV bag of the bags you have. Speedy is a great bag, definitely get it.
  4. A speedy is a bag just like any other bag. You will find women with fabulous collections that own a speedy (or 3) so it’s not just a beginners bag. If you like it, go for it. For me it’s timeless & will always remain in my collection.
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  5. I think the Speedy is popular for more reasons then just the price point. It is iconic, lightweight, and always in style. I have had many Louis Vuitton bags over the years, and now my collection consists of two Speedy B's and a Neverfull, lol. I still wouldn't mind having another classic Speedy, but the bandouliere does work better for me. And, I am older than you, but I do not believe that age makes a difference :smile:
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  6. I bought my Speedy after having many different LV bags. IMO the bandouliere makes for a perfect cross-body while traveling that can actually hold stuff.

    When I first started buying bags, I only bought leather because I loved the feel of it and couldn't initially understand the point of coated canvas. Well, once I saw that these babies could probably survive nuclear fallout, I'm hooked :smile: Nothing wrong with that - if you want it, go for it!
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  7. I got all those others years ago which is why I said I ventured away for a while. Thanks for the advice [emoji4]
  8. 98E65715-E1E0-478D-A304-B4C9BC914964.jpeg Love the speedy, I am almost 50 and loving this bag. Here’s a pic of the few speedy I have in my collection.
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  9. You have several options with speedy the 30. Perhaps get the my world tour, or mon monogram to have something different that's not "beginner." The giant collection is also an option if you can get your hands on one.

    As you can see from my avatar, I'm a speedy LVoer!
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    I have Chanel and Gucci and LV and everything...but I’m like you! I’m 34 and I’ve been wanting a speedy b 30 mono and a speedy 30 azur. They are truly classic. I wondered the same but like, I think it’s a style everyone should have in the collection.
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  11. Go for it life is too short :smile:
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  12. i dont agree on the beginner's bag.... it's an iconic shape that never goes out of style. I guess it is the first high end bag many get. however, it's a great bag any age or style....

    I have a Speedy 35 in Epi... I love it and get sooo many compliments.... This beauty is over 25 years old! IMG_20190109_155313_435.jpg
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  13. Woowww love your epi speedy. The green is just stunning. I wish LV would make more bags in this green.
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  14. I agree with you! I have also bought across these brands, but can't seem to get the Speedy B 25 (or 30, possibly) out of my mind. I started considering it as the problems seem to continue with the Pochette Metis, which I was also thinking of buying. Now I really think I'll add a Speedy at some point! A tried and true classic.
  15. Speedy is popular and famous for many reasons till today
    Nothing to do with age or styles
    That's the charm of it
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