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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am having another internal struggle on which bag to buy. I flip back and forth between buying something I like is ultra classic and will never go out of style (even though I don't like it that much) and something I love but might be little bit more transient.

    For example, the three bags I am considering are: Delvaux madame, Celine Box, and Dior Diorama.

    I love the Diorama the most but the other two seem more classic. The box has been around forever and an iteration of the madame has as well.

    I am afraid that if I buy the Diorama, it will be discontinued right away. I don't want to ruffle feathers, but Dior (other than the lady dior) seems to discontinue bags much quicker than other designers.

    What do y'all think? Anyone else have a similar issue?
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  2. I am the same as you....always thinking I really "should" get the classics and as well as classic colours aka black, nude, etc but deep down I really liked another style or colour instead!

    However I always end up getting the classic first....because usually it's the classic that will go with most outfits
  3. I have the same dilemma as you. I love the diorama in the denim grained calf with tan lining but too afraid to commit however it's a very well made bag vs the price. You have to love the style enough to buy even if it's discontinued. I don't think DIOR will discontinue the Diorama that fast because it's their competitor against the Chanel boy at a better quality and price point. I don't mind owning the Diorama if it's discontinued because of its quality but I will be gutted if DIOR remove their badge design because it's on th clasp! As for the Celine box, I love it too but the metal clasp would bother me so much as I like to wear at the longest length and the clasp doesn't seem sturdy enough although SAs claim they are sturdy. And the way the strap is design to loop around the flap, it will cause the flap to bend slightly upwards on the corners after using it depends on how much you load into the bag. So if that doesn't bother you, then get the Celine box. Whereas Diorama has a better design on the way the chains attached. Not too familiar on the Delvaux though.
  4. Every bag addicts problems
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  5. If you bought the Dior, would it be a versatile piece in your collection? In 10-20 years, would you still love it? I think that it matters less if it eventually gets discontinued if you love it and it works well with your wardrobe.
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  6. My vote is for the Celine Box :smile:
  7. yes I have a ton of black, beige and tan bags!! I want my next one to be a pop of colour!
  8. I vote Celine Box in a pop of color!
  9. What I do is spend on contemporary brands for the pops of colours I want so it can be just a trend bag that I use for a few times for specific outfits and don't feel the pinch in my wallet lol

    However I do want a red Chanel flap bag for my next purchase!!
  10. This describes me exactly! My style is classic and I prefer to buy classics that are lady like and have stood the test of time. That said, I do love to experiment and more importantly, Enjoy what I choose! I bought the LD in black lambskin with gold hardware as my first LD because it's iconic, next one will be for " fun" vs " safe color". My SC PM is in Galet, a gorgeous neutral, but my heart wanted Cherry, a lovely Red, but I wouldn't wear red nearly as often as Galet. Sometimes versatility has to be the deciding factor for me.

    I absolutely love the Diorama, but I haven't seen it in real life as I live nowhere near Dior. I bought my LD and Promenade sight unseen and I adore both.

    I was contemplating the Diorama ( new release) in the Imperial Red Ceramic- Effect leather with gold hardware, but passed on it just yesterday b/ c I feel the leather will not stand the test of time. If a Diorama in Grained Leather with Gold hardware is released, I'll buy it for sure. I'm considering nude with gold hardware, but waiting to see if this gold hardware continues. I agree with Smudleybear that the Diorama is not going anywhere anytime soon. It's a very " hot" bag for Dior. If you love the Diorama, that's what I'd choose. Buy the one you love most and enjoy wearing it!
  11. Everyone has different considerations when deciding on which bag to purchase next. But for me, I would never ever buy a bag I don't even like that much, just because it's a so called classic. I have to love every aspect of a bag I'm buying. If the bag is discontinued, so be it. Makes my bag even more unique, which I prefer as I don't like seeing it on anyone else. As long as I know I will love it for years to come, that's my deciding factor. But that's just me :P.

    That being said, I really like the bags you are considering. As the Delvaux and the Celine have a leather strap vs the chain on the Dior, they are a bit more understated and indeed have a way more classic vibe. If both styles suit you, maybe this time get something you really love? Good luck deciding!
  12. I have the exact same problem! But it's between the micro cannage metallic Diorama and the grained calfskin one. So I'm biased, lol. Diorama all the way! To be honest, Delvaux Madame doesn't appeal to me at all, I prefer the Tempête.

    Céline Box is a classic but in my opinion, it doesn't have the wow factor that the Diorama has.

    I'm worried that the silver metallic is too trendy and flashy although silver is quite neutral. I haven't seen the silver metallic one so I'm waiting for the restock...
  13. I love the Celine box! I have two issues with it though (i) the strap goes around the flap which could cause sagging. I have a trotter and I like how the strap is attached at the sides; and (ii) I have heard it is heavy without anything in it.

    Do you have a box? Have you had these issues? Thanks!
  14. Ahhh I agree with this. These decisions are so hard!
  15. I don't recommend the Celine Box. I don't think Celine actually has any truly "classic" bags as the brand rose to exceptional popularity a few years ago (even though it started in the 80s) and the Box was not a heritage bag of the brand; it was only introduced a few years ago. As well, the Celine Box is very compartmentalized which may make it hard to fit larger items like a small water bottle or sunglasses case. Besides, the "lock" protrudes out a lot doesn't feel very sturdy. In addition, the box leather on several Celine bags is very prone to showing scratches (if the Box leather version is what you were interested in, that is).

    I say the Diorama is the best of your options, as I don't like the Delvaux Madame at all (sorry! I think it looks a bit "overdesigned" with the large metal squares and flap closure).
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