Why am I haunted by the blue jean bolide?

  1. I was in Chicago this week, and, of course, visited the Hermes store. There were some interesting bags (and a GREAT SA) but nothing that followed me out of the store. I have to say, though - my hypothetical 31 cm clemence mou bolide in blue jean with palladium hardware, is still haunting me. I had almost talked myself into going for gold (I already have a black, and would love to have a second, different color, bolide). There was a gold togo (but strangely, without the white topstitching) and a gold vache liagee, but what capitivate my imagination in the store today were two travel bolides, one in gold clemence, one in blue jean clemence, both with silver hardware. Holding each of them was like magnifying the two smaller bolides that I am mulling over (again, hypothetical - neither bag has materialized anywhere in the flesh, or should I say - in the leather) and comparing them. I have to tell you, this blue jean thing is still haunting me. I really like the blue jean bolide, but this voice keeps telling me its too frivilous and not sensible enough. Am I am too stodgy and serious to carry around a big blue bag?? Just looking at it though - the color is SO calm and refreshing.

    I like the gold too - its like a big ginger snap.
  2. Calling Jag...please help explain why another member is hauneted by BJ!!!???

    If anyone would know it would be you!
  3. Buy it! Trust me on this! Ever since I was offered a blue jean birkin once, and had to pass it up, that bag has been haunting me ever since. It will haunt you in your dreams, every time you see any blue jean accessories, heck, ANYTHING in blue jean. So I saw just go for it now before you drive yourself nuts!

    I actually saw a blue jean clemence bolide today, and it is just gorgeous! You can buy gold later. Both colors are amazing, but once you have been bitten by hte blue jean bug- it never ends. Seriously, after I turned down that first bag, it is the one color i keep running into, and trust me- until I buy one this will never end.
  4. jedimaster, sounds like you fell head over heels in love with the Blue Jean Clemence Bolide! :yes: I have seen a lady with one (mou, 37cm) when I was at my gynae's recently. Let me tell you, I couldn't take my eyes off her bag! Kept taking sneak peeks. :supacool: I've always been in love with BJ, and I think I will STILL love Blue Jean even when I turn 60...:tender: :p

    As to whether BJ would be too frivolous for you, I guess it would help if you do a self-evaluation of your lifestyle and wardrobe; and whether the color would look good against your skintone (some members are not into BJ because of how the color looks against their skin tone).

    From my experience, I find Blue Jean a very versatile color, it's such a pop of color & so refreshing. I especially love to wear my BJ bag when I dress very casually (e.g. T-shirt/top & my "worn to death" Levi's). It's like a "scene stealer" (thanks HH!).
  5. Blue Jeans bolide in clemence with white stitching is always the first to fly of the Hermes store...if you see one get it quick
  6. I TOTALLY second Jag.

    My first BJ bag is a Evelyn PM. That was THE bug that Jag was talking about...

    When I bought my BJ HAC 32, I felt that my life was....well, COMPLETE! :p I know I sound very shallow, :shame: but when you are totally in love with BJ, the joy & happiness when you finally get a BJ bag is just....:yahoo: :happydance: :lol: :party:
  7. Jedimaster,

    It's because blue jean is a beautiful color that's why!!!!! No one else has anything even close. It's not the blue of LV suhali, MJ bags never quite matched it! It's fresh and light and just gorgeous!

    I just satisfied my blue jean bug today ( I've had it for four years.) and I feel sooooooo much better!

    Does the blue jean have to be a bolide? Would you take it in another bag style?
  8. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  9. :nuts: 4 years!!!

    What did you get, Quinn's Mom?? (did I miss your threads/posts?)
  10. wow, i envy you falling so hard for one particular color. my problem is, for the bolides, i love nearly all of them.
    ita, you need to evaluate how blue jean will work with your style. it's one thing to love a shoe, it's another to walk in it. same with a bag. well, you know what i mean.

  11. Gigi...

    I didn't post it yet....but I will!
  12. I think there is something about those Bolides... I don't know maybe the BJ too....
  13. okie dokie!! :yes:

    :popcorn:<-- Gigi waits patiently... :greengrin:
  15. I truly believe that there is no escaping Blue Jean. I have managed to resist for five years and even convinced myself that the color didn't look great on me after I tried one on in a Trim, but after seeing Gigi's HAC (amazing combo!) and a BJ 31cm Clemence Bolide IRL, I've been thinking about it ever since. I think with the contrast white stitching, it is really lovely....I am going to have to give in soon! It is just delicious in a Bolide w/the white stitching! And from what people tell me, it really goes with a lot...so I say go for it JM!