Why am I getting emails for something that ended?

  1. OK....I listed an LV Speedy 25 last week and had tons of watchers but at the end it didn't sell. I wasn't asking for the moon and I thought it was a reasonable amount for a gently used bag. The next few days, I get 4-5 emails from people that were watching the bag asking me if I could sell to them for XXX or when will I relist the bag and can I sell for XXX? :wtf: Why am I getting requests now when they could've just bought the bag last week? :cursing: Needless to say, rather than deal with these emails, I relisted it last night and it sold right away with a BIN at the price that I wanted. It just goes to show that patience does pay off!
  2. Good for you & shame on those folks for not buying when they had the chance- what's wrong with some people anyway?
  3. maybe they weren't around when the listing ended, or forgot about it, or just missed it by a few minutes or something, who knows !
  4. I watched something & emailed after - I ended up buying it from them for the BIN price they had listed anyway. No harm in asking. I was waiting to get paid b4 buying - I throw stuff on my watch list all the time without really paying attn to the end time.... I should pay better attn, next time I'll probably miss out.
  5. I believe that there are some that legitimately forget to bid. However, there is a large segment of individuals on eBay that I call "vultures". They love to scroll thru completed auctions and make low-ball offers for fantastic, expensive merchandise in hopes of getting it dirt cheap. They treat such seller's as if they are in need of a hit of crack. It's one of my biggest pet peeves as a seller. I ignore them.

    Good for you for ignoring them too and getting your price!
  6. Agree with print*model. Whenever I list high end items I almost always get ridiculous offers from buyers. Someone offered me $200 for my Fendi B-Bag after it didn't sell. I wrote her back and asked her not to insult me! She wrote back again and said her offer was low because she didn't know if it was real or not. Puh-leeze!
  7. I agree - when I contacted the seller it wasnt with a lowball offer - it was expecting to pay the BIN price. I wouldnt contact a seller after with a lowball price. This was actually the one & only time I contacted a seller afterwards & I guess lucky for me it turned out great! Not all are vultures:smile:
  8. Unfortunately, all the emails were for lowball offers except for one but when I emailed her back, I don't hear from her for days, so I decided to relist it and I'm glad I did.:tup:
  9. Oh geez I've gotten that a LOT lately. The people watch and watch for the duration of the auction, then it ends and no one bids. Then afterwards, I get emails asking if I'll just sell it to them for the starting price since since no one bid. Um ok.
  10. I've done it once or twice over the years after missing the end of an auction. Then I found out about sniping. Now I can set my bid and forget about it.