Why am I being so stupid?

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  1. I am about to check out the INDY BROWN GUSSISIMA at Bluefly.....

    And even though w/ all your great help, I am not so sure if I should buy it on bluefly.com not only because I am not so sure about bluefly, but I HAVE NOT SEEN THAT BAG IN PERSON YET....and i was going to the boutique today to see it and get it if I like it, but after seeing this one at such low price....I am torn....
    It's more than 600dollar difference....I can get a pair of louboutins with that money!

    If I make the trip to the boutique, it will be gone since they only hold it for an hour.......

    What should I do?

  2. Buy it now! Bluefly offers 90-day money back guarantee! They only charge $7 for return shipping too. Don't wait!!!!
  3. if i was even kind of interested in it, i would order it and then return it if i didn't want it. it's too much of a price difference to ignore! good luck!
  4. BUY IT!!!!!! And if you don't like it return it. Better safe than sorry.
  5. That's a HUGE difference in price....
    i'd get IT!!!!
    i wanted to buy a wallet from bluefly before... and right when i decided to get it.. (2 hrs after i first saw it on site) it was GONE...!!!!!! don't regret like i did ! =(
  6. We need an update!!!! Did you make the right decision and buy it?
  7. the bag is really uncomftorable.you should check the store and try it on and then purchase..I heard bluefly takes up to 30 days to refund purchases.