why am i behaving like this???

  1. alright. i have to admit..
    something's either bothering me or what.

    i feel so...f....a....r...away from LV recently..:s:blink:

    what's wrong with me :confused1:
  2. Hmmm... maybe you aren't feeling this season?

    Don't worry.. I'm not feeling that many bags either... but together, we'll pull through it!!! ;)
  3. Maybe you're overwhelm? Need a break?
  4. Have you looked at the new look book....I was feeliong the same way until I went and looked....I realized even tho I like nothing from S/S, there are new releases I really like.
  5. i normally am not interested in any of the new bags of a new season..so im fine with that..

    i dunno..it's something about the newer styles...the "lines", "patterns"...i dunno!

  6. i have to admit...all i need to see are the damier ones..but im not into big bagS! :sad:

  7. Maybe you have enough bags so far...
    I feel LV strongly because I don't have enough of it.
  8. is it the price..?

    i dunno..but i feel really weird..i'm online all the time..but i just dunt feel like responding sometimes........i see a lot of u guys very excited about the new releases...but not me...:crybaby:and i feel left out....... :sad:

    its just me..sorry..im venting a bit now..

  9. how do i know if i have enough or not?

  10. ehh...you're just like me minus 2 weeks ago :biggrin:, don't worry, after a week or two you'll come back to the DARK SIDE! muhahahaha lol
  11. Don´t worry about it!
  12. but i feel like..my bf broke up with me or something..

  13. I think it's fine to feel not LVing right now.

    I spent forever looking at B-bags (talk about the real darkside :borg:) and hunting around at Hermes bracelets, but there's nothing in the forum code that says you need to love LV all days 24 hours a day ;)

    Variety is the spice of life :biggrin:

    You can have several boyfriends~! :graucho:
  14. There's always something for everyone and maybe you haven't found it yet.
  15. I am kinda feeling the same way...not super excited about anything coming out...plus, I am putting $ towards a new wardrobe for my law firm internship!!