Why am I annoyed with fakes?

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  1. People around me are buying fakes and it's bothering me but I can't pinpoint why exactly I'm so bothered by this
  2. Part of being annoyed is probably because some of those bags cost less than 1/5 (or even less) of the price of the authentic bags and they look very real. This is particularly true for LV bags. I am not sure about Chanel bags, as the only fakes I saw were poor quality. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if there are good Chanel fakes our there and I'm not able to distinguish them.
  3. It bothers you because anyone who purchases something that they know was fraudulently made has questionable character.UGH I can't trust you when your covered in lies. LOL I know it sounds harsh but that's how I feel.
  4. Maybe because people are pretending to be something they're not? But we can't change or stop people from doing what they do so don't let it get to you.
  5. I guess you're bothered becoz others may associate your bags as fake too?
  6. That is right.
  7. Im bothered by the fakes because they make Chanel bags ltoo common and too mainstream. I remember when the Cambon line came out. I actually liked them. Now with SOOOO many fake cambons I can't stand them. Even the real ones seem fake to me now.
  8. This is one of the reasons that fakes bother me too! Argh
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    I know what you mean I get so annoyed too! don't get me wrong I'm not annoyed they can't buy the real thing or anything.. Everyone has financial issues at some point but It's more the fact that they re supporting an industry that creates fakes buying them even knowing they're counterfeits to the point that these companies are becoming experts at it and the bags are looking almost the same as real bags so other people end up spending thousands on a fake bag off eBay without realising their bag is fake... Sorry I don't know if it made sense but I had to vent after seeing more fake bags today ( poor people might not of even known they were fake :sad: )
  10. I'd have to say fakes bother me because I find them incredibly ugly and horridly made!
    I dislike seeing people carrying them because If they knew how beautiful the real Chanel's are, they would never think to carry or buy a fake!
  11. Fakes totally bother me because some of them are so crudely made! When I see a fake, I wonder if the person was duped, and I feel bad. They may think it's the real deal
  12. This is such a sore subject between my bff and I!!!

    I feel like it diminishes all the hard work that went into my Chanel. I work hard to afford it!!!

    Others knowlingly buy fakes because they claim they like the bag when what they really like is the status that comes with carrying the bag, so they CHEAT by buying a fake and then fake the status.

    My bff's fake GST cost 300.00 and has very little differences at a glance compared to mine :sad:
  13. I'm bothered by fakes because I just don't see a point in spending $100 or more for something that is not real. There are brands out there that are affordable, especially here in Italy, we can totally get a brand new authentic bag made of real leather that is elegant and classy for the price we would pay for a fake Chanel or LV. I understand not everyone can afford an expensive bag, I really do, but settling for a fake will never make me feel good about myself, I don't know, the way I am, I wouldn't feel confident walking down the street wearing a fake, it would be written all over my face, so what's the point?

    Another thing that bothers me a lot is the fact that many quit buying authentic LV because there are a lot of well made fakes out there and they don't want people thinking their authentic bag is not real. Who cares about that? Let's just be happy knowing we have a gorgeous bag that will last us a lifetime and enjoy wearing it, without worrying about what people think!!!

    I've been traveling to different countries for business the past few years so I tend to do a lot of closet cleaning while packing and unpacking. One day, while I was going through my luggage, I found a pair of Ray Ban I forgot I had, of course they were authentic. I showed them to a friend of mine, who's crazy about the brand, and told her she could have them. She told me " oh no, they look so fake, this style is being sold all over the place for 10 Euros and I don't want anybody thinking I wear fake sunnies ". Then she goes " You see my aviators? These are fake, but people would never know because this style is not too popular in a fake version ". I was so shocked and kind of disgusted, some people live in fear of what people think about them, it's just wrong!!! Of course she called me a few days later asking if she could have the sunglasses but I gave them to my cousin who still appreciates them still wears them after 3 years.
  14. I also am bothered by fakes. Besides the obvious reasons as cheapening the brand, seeing everyone carrying them, and supporting illegal purchases, I feel they have not earned the right to carry them. I have paid off thousands of dollars which some do not understand why I would spend so much money on handbags. I think we here can truly appreciate the beauty and quality, but unfortunately, the people purchasing fakes cannot and feel they are just as nice. I guess it is our prerogative to buy Chanel and theirs to buy the fakes. Before I purchased designer bags, I said that I would NEVER spend that kind of money, and people who did must be crazy! I used to buy other designers such as Coach and Dooney before I became interested in more expensive designers. But I did not buy fakes, because it seemed kind of shoddy. I think it would make me feel bad to carry one. Now, I have learned to wait like a spider, to save and get the Chanel, Prada, or LV bag I really want. Crazy or not, I really love and enjoy my bags, just as much as jewelry. To me, wearing fake bags is as false as wearing a fake engagement ring. But this is just my opinion. If others want to buy fakes, I don't like it, but it is their choice...
  15. --> this! One day someone asked whether a Chanel bag that I'm carrying is real; i was like "yes and FYI counterfeit items are illegal!"