Why am I afraid to complain to seller??

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  1. I purchased a pair of supposedly new CHANEL earrings from ebay.. I was confident they were authentic & still believe they are... I paid only about $20 less than retail after shipping.

    There was no mention of any flaws. When they arrived yesterday I found that one of them was missing the oval 'makers mark', you can see the outline of where it was but it's gone and one of the crystals looks like it may be have been replaced because it seems to be sitting differently in the setting.

    I may be overly picky about the crystal but I think the makers mark oval missing should have been mentioned in the auction..

    But.. I'm terrified of sending the seller an email about them.. :sweatdrop: As a seller I've had some really crappy buyers lately & I don't want to come across as being one!

    Am I overreacting? What should I say? I still like them, but less than I would have if as advertised:sad: What would you say?
  2. There is nothing wrong with emailing the seller and asking for a few explanations since the two obvious flaws were not mentioned in the listing.

    I don't think a seller would take offense to this unless they are aware that they were being dishonest to start.

    I think it is easy to leave a description out of an auction if they are flaws on your product that you have always overlooked. For instance, if you have a tiny scratch on the metal clasp of your bag and it never bothered you when you carried it you might forget to add this to your description because your perception never considered it a flaw.

    Ask away...M
  3. there are tactful ways of communicating with a seller regarding the item you bought...its not as if you're going to attack her about it...why not say that u noticed that missing part and feel a bit unhappy with the item since she stated that it was new
  4. Well, if you want to keep these earrings what's the point of contacting seller? Just to inform her that an item is not as advertised? I wouldn't bother because in my opinion it's pointless, unless, of course, you decide to return them.
  5. If you thought you were getting what was advertised and didn't, I'd contact the seller, tell her your issues, state nicely that maybe she overlooked, but that you're a bit disappointed with them. Hopefully she won't be a jerk and over-react and will offer you a small refund.

    If it truly bothers you, return them. :smile:
  6. I know how you feel. I had an item which smelt of smoke a few weeks ago and i didnt say anything. But in this case I think you should contact the seller as it sounds as if the earrings were not as described. Personally at $20 below retail, it would have been better to buy them new. If she offers a refund I would accept and go and buy them in a shop.
  7. It sounds like you are not happy with them. Does the Seller accept returns. You could politely explain why they are not what you expected. It is just so hard when you fear negative feedback.
  8. for only $20 less than retail i would have just gotten it from the store and have a perfect new pair of earrings. Don't be scared bring it to the sellers attention right away
  9. Weren't there any pictures when they were listed? If there were and you can see the flaw the seller has a case for saying WYSIWYG. If there weren't you relied on the seller's information and you aren't satisfied so ask for a refund.


    GOOD LUCK!:balloon:
  11. Contact the seller in a nice non-accusatory way and see what she says. Do you want to return them or do you just want to let her know so that is does nto bother you every time you wear them? I think you have to decide what it is that will make you happy.

    Gosh for $20 less than retail, i think it is safest to go retail unless they are hard to find or vintage.

    In my mind, these earrings should have been perfect and the seller shoud know they were not..... Please let us know what happens.
  12. my point exactly.
  13. For $20.00 under retail you should get first quality merchandise.
  14. can you refund it if you cannot accept it at all?? otherwise, maybe you can email the seller and ask for some compensation (assuming you still want to keep the earrings)... just my2cents..