Why again can't we have soft cheeses?

  1. ???? Is it the bacteria ie in blue cheese?
  2. i think its call listeria...i know it sucks!! i love brie too.
  3. Soft cheese aren't pasteurized, I think. If you are careful, and read the packaging, there are some soft cheese that are.

    For me, I missed blue cheese. I searched high and low for pasteurized blue cheese. It wasn't as sharp as the real thing, but it was good to me at the time

  4. Is gouda a soft cheese? I love gouda!
  5. what about feta?
  6. It's not so much that soft cheese are bad. It's just a lot of soft cheese are not pasteurized and there's a risk of listeria in unpasteurized food/drink. If you can find pasteurized feta, then you can have it.
  7. Lots of soft cheeses ARE pasteurized though, these days, especially in the US. I loooove cheese (am from Wisconsin originally, what can I say), and almost none of the cheeses I pick up at the store are raw milk cheeses. Just check the label. That's actually the recommendation from the CDC as well -- no unpasteurized soft cheese, not just a blanket "no soft cheese."

    On a side note, I spent weeks 10-12 of my pregnancy in Turkey, and realized about 2 weeks into it that the feta I was tucking into at my Turkish breakfast every day was a no-no. Oops. I had no problems at all, and in the research I did about listeria, it looks to be more of a problem later in pregnancy rather than earlier, since your immune system is somewhat surpressed.
  8. Soft cheeses are my weakness!
    I also was in Greece for my honeymoon, and I had no idea I was pregnant and feta cheese was my best friend! LOL
    Looking back I would have had to have been between 8-12 weeks and there was no problems whatsoever with my pregnancy or my daughter.
  9. Speaking of things that aren't pasteurized, avoid apple cider, ladies.

    (You're safe with the steamed apple cider from Starbucks. It's steamed apple juice with cinnamon syrup and caramel. . . . but check to see they're using apple juice.)
  10. Like everyone says, so long as it's pasturized, it's okay! So read the labels. :smile: I've eaten Brie as well as Gouda.
  11. Yup!! The posters who have noted that it's about pasteurization and not texture are correct. And *most* cheeses in the US are. In some states, it's - I think - a legal requirement that they be so. So.....if you are having a craving, go to a reputable cheese counter (Whole Foods or another shop where you can hope that the folks know their craft/business) and ask the person(s) behind the counter. I did this when I was pregnant and learned a whole lot from the 'cheese guy' -- and got some very yummy domestic cheese samples that did my cravings just fine.