Why A Bolide?

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  1. I love my birkins - but find myself frequently glancing sideways at a bolide!

    Somehow, the lack of hardware urges me to consider this is less sober colours (and H wise so far very conservative colourwise). I've looked at the ode thread on many an occasion, but would like to boil this down to basics - take me from the emotional to the practical (if you can :biggrin:)

    So - Why a Bolide?
  2. Oh, Roo, where to begin!!! A Bolide was my third style Hermes purse. I adore that it's "under the radar," has a shoulder strap, though I rarely use it, but when you need it, you need it.

    I get more compliments on my Bolides than I do any other Hermes purse. I own 3, and I suspect my next purse purchase will be another one......I'm thinking black croc with GHW!

    I dodn't you'll regret for a moment.
  3. It's a wonderful, useful, timeless style. Nothing to regret. Are you thinking mou or rigide?
  4. ^Pepper - because the 37 appeals most - then I suspect the mou would be more practical (though I have to say, my first encounter and love at first sight was actually a troika!)
  5. Simple, classic, functional. I love my bolides though wish I had been less conservative with my color choices.
  6. Everyone aspires to own a birkin, few aspires to own a bolide. It's cult in that sense. Add on to the ease of usage. Zip and unzip, add the strap.
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  7. I find the 37 bolide intriguing as well. Can't wait to see what you get!
  8. Well said!
  9. A 37 mou is on my list - clemence. I only have one and it's a 37 rigide. I love it and I know I'd love a mou one for sure. Gorgeous, functional, roomy, and zips closed!

    Not sure how to convince you though - LOL! I guess you either love 'em or you don't.
  10. Roo, I would caution that it's not a purse to be over stuffed. Because the zipper is fabric, it can stretch out of shape a little is you do. If you MUST fill it too much, don't use the zipper. ;)
  11. Ohhhh.. I want a bolide too!:love: Just can't decide if i I'll go with the basic black, brown or gold color or I'll get something bright in red or green.
  12. :happydance:I love the Bolide!!*Deep breathe*I have a couple of bolides mou 31 and 37 and rigide 31. I love them all!! I have to say I use the 37 mou the most. You can stuff it and since I use mine so often I can fold flat for travel. My mou is clemance and I have not babied it at all! Its a wonderful bag I love the shoulder strap and I also just ordered a wider leather shoulder strap to wear it messanger style over coats. I can wear it meassanger style with the strap now but any bulk needs a longer strap. Sorry:shame:I love Bolides. The Bolide was my first H bag:love:I hope this helps you!:flowers:
  13. Similar to Julide, my mou 37 gets more use thab my rigide. Next on my list is a mou 31. I'm waiting for the right one to find me, which is another nice thing about bolides--good deals on the resale side.
  14. I have one Bolide. A 31cm rigid Vache Ligee in Indigo. I adore that bag. The size makes it perfect for the occasion of being a little more dressy than corporate attire. Like for church or a luncheon. I have often thought of a 37 Mou Bolide. I don't carry my 35 Birkins as a grab and go bag. For this winter I am using a 34 Lindy Havanne/Toile as my grad and go back, but I am seriously thinking of a 37 mou Bolide in a nice neutral spring/summer color. Here is a pic of my 37 Indigio Bolide. I had it sent to Paris and had my initials heat stamped in silver on the oval patch.

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  15. Why NOT a bolide?

    Why only ONE bolide?

    LOL!! love all responses here. For me, its gorgeous, roomy, versatile, perfection.