Whting & Davis, anyone?

  1. I love the way mesh feels. Anyone else like mesh bags, such as Whiting & Davis. Here's my new W&D for summer:

  2. That one girl was right, you do own like every handbag known to man.

    I love the W&D bags though, I seriously covet the Quilted Patent and Mesh Clutch in the dark charcoal color.
  3. I also love Whiting and Davis bags. My grandmother was a W & D fanatic and I inherited a brand new cigarette case from her from 1963 still in the box. I decided it was way to cool to sit in the box in my closet so I use it everyday now as my own cigarette case...love it!!! I totally love their black mesh bags for evening wear, so classic and timeless.
  4. Well, not every handbag known to man. I'm just eclectic. I used to be a straight Balenciaga girl -- and I still love those BBags -- but lately I've been in a 'spread the love' mood, going for lots of different looks. The good news about that is that it can be cheaper than sticking to one high-end brand!
  5. Wow that's a really awesome bag, Rondafaye!
  6. I still have the old W&D gold evening bag that my mother bought when she was around 20 years old. It's still beautiful!!
  7. I love the vintage ones, but that one is gorgeous!
  8. I also love your bag. Which one is it? It is beautiful.:heart::tup:
  9. did my posts get deleted?
  10. Im an idiot, I was posting in another thread about endless.com where I was going to buy a WD bag and Rondafaye was also there, I got confused.
  11. The one I bought is in the right column -- comes with blue, red or yellow leather accents (and the leather is incredibly soft). It's on clearance for $79.90.

    I don't have this one, but I like it:

  12. You have great taste and know you bags.

    You should have your own site here for questions!
  13. Thanks, katlun. Actually, I'm just a decent researcher. Used to be an investigative reporter!