Whtie Timeless Clutch - Discontinued?? Anyone know?

  1. Has anyone heard if the white timeless clutch is going to be discontinued for 2008? :crybaby:

  2. never heard that:nogood:
  3. i actually found an old NM catalog when this bag was still $895. the catalog codes still worked at that price, in black and white caviar, just last week! :tup:
  4. btw, the code is ACS07 # 51.
  5. WOW...very cool.:p
  6. I called Chanel 800# to ask about another bag and inquired about the white clutch for 2008 and the rep said that she did not see any white ordered for 2008.
  7. she can only see what is ordered for the Boutiques, not for the dept stores, maybe the dept stores ordered them.
  8. Winniejo, dump question but how do you do a NM catalog order? Do you have a # I could call or just go to the store and give them the code. TIA!
  9. Go to NM.com and towards bottom of the screen, click on catalog quick order. On the following screen, type in the catalog code, then the item #, HTH!
  10. did anyone get one?
  11. Darn it! Only white available for that price. No black :sad:
  12. Any other old NM codes we can use? :graucho:

    I know some of you have old catalog lying around.
  13. Hopefully not.. I'v only bought the black lambskin get .. I want one in white caviar aswell
  14. I got one..

    Thank you winniejo..
  15. Yeah! Anymore? ;)