Wht do u think abt the Mid Afternoon?

  1. I've got the Mid in BI and really love it so much. I'm in Thailand and haven't seen many ppl carrying this style. It could be tht there's only one Bal shop with limited choices to choose from. Also, it might be that this style is not popular:confused1: . I heard from some friends that it doesn't represent Bal styles like city, work, twiggy or day. Wht do u think? Do u like it? Is it popular in ur places?:wlae:

    InTH, ppl just started to carry more B bags (official store has just been opened recently). Before that, B bags're only available in the multibrand store. Is it possible tht ppl tend to go for City as their first B bags? When they collect more & more, they will finally go for some other styles.:s

    Btw, i still love my BI Mid...:love:
  2. I really like this style. Although I do prefer the Afternoon over the Mid...I tend to like bigger bags. I really like the double compartments...I'm still torn between the Afternoon or the Brief though.

    :back2topic: I like that style. Congrats
  3. It's a cute style and it has grown on me the more I see pics...

    I have never seen on IRL though :sad:
  4. I really love the shape of both the afternoon and mid afternoon. I worry that the mid afternoon may be too snug for me to wear on the shoulder though, so I haven't bought one yet. The afternoon - I worry it will be too big (I'm 5'2").
  5. I like the Mid afternoon a lot too. I would love to add one to my collection. Congrats on yours!
  6. I love the Mid A !!!
    I love the shape + divided compartments !!!
    And I can wear it on my shoulder !!!