Wht do u think abt Heloise in red?

  1. Hi ladies,

    Wht do u all think abt Heloise in red? I saw it on Bluefly and personally think tht it's super cute:tup:. (the handles really remind me abt Fendi b bag)

    However, my second thought is whether it's gonna last long:sad:. Should i invest my money on it???

    I've spent a lot lately on bags and only bags:p. So, i have to stop and think carefully now whether i should go for it.

    Inputs plsssssssss

  2. lovely colour!
  3. Like the color. I think it's a cute shape and size too. Overall I think reds are pretty durable. The only color I think for me limits the life of a bag is white. I always had problems with white bags looking bad after a shorter time. A friend of mine who is a leather restorer said it's because white is treated differently....

    I think it should be a worthwhile investment, IMO...
  4. I think it's cute, especially in that colour!

    Just be careful if buying from bluefly, nowadays they seem to sell authentic stuff but there was a time when they sold fake paddingtons to some of our fellow PF:ers.... Just thouhgt I should mention this. At least detect the bag well before removing return tag if you order from them :tup:
  5. FAKE paddys? Wow, I think I'll avoid them in the future just to be safe. These bags are too expensive to risk it.... Thanks for that info!
  6. Love the bag. Red is a timeless color. Go for it!!
  7. I like the style and colour according to that picture.:wlae:
    What are the dimensions though - I'm wondering if it is larger than it looks?:smile:
  8. hi, i bought this red bag about a month ago and i'm waiting for fall to use it. found a great pair of red wool sort of plaid ballet slippers at J Crew that will complement it and not be too showy. i loved it when it came especially the blue trim,great size and a perfect red
  9. I love the red and I say go for it. I think I may eventually get the larger Heloise in red. And who cares about buying anything else BUT purses? Clothes - who needs 'em???

  10. Many thanks for sharing this info.

    How is the color IRL? Has it got orangy undertone? I'd prefer true red that has no orange tone in it.:rolleyes:
  11. Yes it definitely has an orange undertone. That's the only reason why I like it?:wtf: I think it's more a vermillion.
  12. I think if you are going to get a red Chloe bag then Heloise is a great choice. The style really seems to suit the colour. I'm sure I read an article recently about the red Heloise selling out like hot cakes. Go for it!

  13. I think Chloebabe said in England they sold out but NAP recently (UK site) just added more red Heloises. I hope they continue to keep making them. For now I will not pay full retail.
  14. I just purchased the same bag in black, and purchased the larger Heloise as well the other day. Although I haven't used either one of them, they are absolutely gorgeous! I already have a cranbury colored bag, so red would have been redundant. Bloomingdales & Neiman's can still locate a black one for you if you are interested, but it would be full price.....
  15. OOOHHH the bag looks yummy.....I had sworn not to purchase any more bags this year, but this one looks dreamy! I had not considered the heloise, but after seeing it.....