wht do u think about this bag?

  1. Cute. I like the style of that and I'm still on the hunt for a nice white leather bag. Who's the designer?
  2. looks like a nice style...
    although i don't seem to be a fond of the material.
  3. It's def a cute design!! I likes!
  4. It looks like every other chloe copy. Am I the only one who is actually looking at the bag. Not to offend anyone but I'm just getting tired of everyone copying the chloe bags style. All they do is copy it and leave out a few or add a few of the details. Sometimes they may add something different but it is all based on the chloe bag. Thats why I try to do different or new designers who practice originality instead of adding to another designer bags foundation. I mean come on.
  5. i like it. for a white bag it's nice. at first look, it doesn't resemble chloe to me at all. this is more plain.
  6. It's nice, but who makes it?
  7. I like it; for myself it wouldn't be practical because I'm a dirt magnet, but it's cute.
  8. I like it, it's very cute!
  9. yeah...i couldn't identify the designer of that bag...just hought the handle is very paddington and the hardware is quite lanvin.......

    the look of the bag is quite cute and easy to match w/ clothes tho...how's the material?
  10. cute- if it's in your price range - get it and enjoy....
    Not eveyone can afford a chloe bag per se and would be happy for a nice bag regardless of the originating designer!!
  11. the handle is very paddington and the turnlock feels like Coach right now.