wht do u think about this babyphat wallet?

  1. someone offer some help plz?
  2. Honestly I dont like the leather of the wallet.
  3. cute and fun, black patent is very "now"
  4. Im not crazy about it.
  5. not crazy about it..i think it looks cheap and personally i think babyphat is tacky
  6. I don't know I guess it is alright. Not my style.
  7. It is a little too showy for me, but if you love it then that's all that matters!
  8. Like the patent, don't like the babyphat and studs....if you like it though, that's what really counts..
  9. its ok. patent isnt my fav thing,,, but its oK! :smile:
  10. Amazingly restrained for Baby Phat which isn't really saying much.
  11. babyphat ekk.. if you like it,wear it in good health.
  12. Not my thing but if you like it enjoy it :biggrin: that's all that matters ^^
  13. i agree!
  14. i agree with the other ladies...not my style, patent + studs + logo is a bit much, but if you like it, go for it!