Whose waiting for the Belen Echandia sale today?

  1. I thought this would be a fun forum to start. Anyone just waiting for the sale to start and if so, are you looking for anything in particular?

    I feel all set with handbags between my Love and Stroke Me. But, maybe a cute accessory would be perfect if I can find it on sale.

    I am looking forward to just browsing her sale later.....
  2. I'm with you girl! Dying to see what pops up later... dispite my huge ban this may be my first BE purchase... and from all of the good I'm reading about them here, likely not my last!
  3. I'm waiting too. i'm curious about what will be on sale :smile:
  4. Does anyone know the size of the Charm Me in inches? Do you need a special invite to the sale or will it just be on the site? Do you know if sale items are returnable? Thanks for indulging my questions:smile:
  5. i want to see what's available! but it starts at midnight GMT :sad:
  6. I'm excited to see what is on sale and how much of a "sale" it really is. I love the looks of BE, but haven't taken the plunge yet--perhaps today will be my first?
  7. I'm hoping there are some nice medium to large size bags. I can't wait!
  8. Keep refreshing the site! The sale may come a little earlier than we all expect

    I am just thrilled Jackie has opened it to all of you first- you all deserve it!
  9. whoo hoo! I know it's almost one hour till it is supposed to be officially up but if it's earlier, that's even better! I've been waiting all day for this :yahoo:
  10. Megs babe - I've been doing the exact same thing alllllll day!! LOL!

    BTW - Thanks for everything!!!! :biggrin:
  11. There's a welcome message to the sale....but no link?????
  12. It's on now!
  13. You might want to try signing in to your BE account...once I did I was able to gain access to all the sale items!
    Happy shopping!
  14. It's up!
  15. how do i get there I have no link SOMEONE PLEASE post one!!!