Whose seen a Carly at their local outlet??

  1. Ok so i posted this somewhere else too but I figured I should start a thread to get more people to see this- has anyone seen any medium sig black or chocolate carly's at their local outlets? if so can you tell me where and for how much? I really want to try and order one through my outlet! Thanks! :flowers:
  2. when I was at the Tuscola outlet, they had just gotten a large black signature in. However, she said there was a waiting list for carlys so I don't know how much it was.
  3. I was at Vacaville outlet yesterday and the only Carlys I saw were holiday patchwork (lots of these) and small tan leather pouches.
  4. at grove city I got my baby carly for $79
  5. I got my med gold/khaki carly at the Barstow outlet.
  6. Camel Carly and holiday patchwork Carly @ Las Americas Outlet
  7. I've called to ask my outlet and they said it's hard to find a Carly nowadays.
  8. WOW you got so lucky! Do you mind me asking how much it was? Im on a waiting list right now for one but the SA at the outlet couldnt remember what they went for when they got them b/c they rarely do.
  9. Went to Las Americas again. Saw at least 3 Carlys. All medium, one black leather, khaki/black, and the holiday patchwork. I only looked at the khaki/black and its price was $309 - 20% off. Double check though on the price. I was looking at soo many bags, but i believe i'm correct.
  10. Thanks!