Whose Loss Really?....

  1. From Raffaello Network.

    Here's what I left sitting on the NM counter when I got the "We Don't Take Visa." speech. NM also had it in a tan/camel color and black. Vurrry nice. This is actually the NM price for a change too. Usually Raffaello is higher than retail. Nice, huh? Maybe it won't be so popular a style and I can still catch it on sale, but I'm SO broke from handbags this fall!! :shame:

  2. I saw it on Sunday at NM too..I actually liked the tan color alot.
  3. ^^^The tan was actually the one I wanted (and left the store without). Raffaello only had the pic in the brown color, hence the brown bag picture. I'm so happy with my Stam hobo that I don't really miss it, but if I could find a decent sales price on it the first of the year, I'd take any of the three colors, especially if I could find black. I STILL haven't found a black bag yet.
  4. Prada, how about this BV tote for your black bag. This is what I'm saving for - maybe after the first of the year if it's still available. It is one classy black bag.

    Bottega Veneta -  Woven Tote -  Neiman Marcus
  5. Prada..I will let you know when the Prada sale is and what they have left..
  6. I really like this bag, it's so practical and versatile!
  7. **cough, gasp** Only if it's 80% off!!:wtf: Whoa! And I thought Pradas were high.

    Very nice bag though, Lib. Veeeeery nice!:nuts: