whose got this?

  1. Hey all..

    I have the signature hampton's optic medium carryall in white creamy color ( soon to post) and was wondering who else has got it?

    I bought it last summer of 07 from my local coach boutqiue where they had a

    sale.. it's my only coach bag and i was tempted by the sale..first it was 30% then it

    went up to 50% !! It was retailed for $475 and i got it for $240 ... :tup:

    but now its in the coach hospital :sad: for which my lipstick left a few smudges inside so i

    sent it to my local coach boutique for a clean up.

    So,who else got one??
  2. do u have a picture of these?? i cannot picture this bag at all...

  3. Yup as soon as the bag is back from cleaning from coach boutique ..i will post it.

    Thats why I'm asking who has it too.. cuz i only seen one lady wearing the one i have i

    buy the bigger size...and my moms friend has it but brown.. and then a saw a

    baby blue one..
  4. Your Coach boutique is cleaning one of your bags? Very interesting...

  5. yup..but i have to pay though $ 20 ... but its okay cuz i was the one who got lipstick

    smeared in the inside.