whose got this burberry?

  1. this novacheck burberry has been popular since the end of last year and is a pretty attractive bag for a burberry with an edge to it..

    anyone got this model? everyone i see on the streets carry the satchel from it.. which is an extra perk for me that no one is carrying the same one as mine:smile:

    anyone here has it??
  2. I don't have it but I saw the bag irl last year at Harrods, London. Looks nice!
    Regina :tup:
  3. oh thats a beautiful bag
  4. I have the hobo version. It is a great bag, tons of room, and I have never seen anyone else carrying it either!
  5. That's an adorable bag. i haven't seen it in person but I saw it on the website and liked it.
  6. yeah that's really cute!
  7. I adore novacheck and this model is different!!