Whose designer is thic hat?

  1. OMFG:wlae: I'm IN LOVE with this HAT!

    PlZZ does anyone know where i can get it online??Or at leasr tell me what designer is that hat and from what seasons??thakxx to everyone

  2. The hat is by DSquared2. :smile:
  3. yeah, it's dsquared2 from fall 04
  4. try eBay for the hat. the one with the fox retails for approximately 800 USD. they have a wool version too for less than half. I have a plaid one with the wool ears and it really is the best hat ever. also very functional - the hat can be worn with the ear flaps down.

  5. i tried on eBay but could not find it.thanxx anyway
  6. you should keep searching. its the summer right now.. it'll probably be there around the fall winter season.