whose daddy's or mommy's princess?

  1. my mom bought me 3 designer bags..a coach a burberry and the neverfull ... all of them required some hugs and kisses and a whole lot of begging...:yes:

    She's not against spending that much..but she always tells me 'when u work buy for urself watever u want' or 'marry a rich guy' .... but those three times she gave in cuz i got good grades in skool :graucho:

    Now,i'm planning my strategy for the damier azur speedy 30 :heart: ( dont think am evil.. am 21 in college and i dont work)

    I love her so much... and i love how her eyes light up when i show her a bag
    (cuz she gives me the money and i go by myself)

    So i dedicate this thread to our wonderful parents ! :heart::heart:
  2. Oh love your mom!!!
    Where to start...my mom ordered my Birkin....I was saying thank you for almost 3 days in a row!!!
    She actually pays for all my stuff as she makes more money than my dad...but the Birkin...she actually ordered it by herself without me knowing!!!
    All of the other stuff I buy them on my own and my parents pay the bill!!
    you can call me spoilt but they give me the money, I don't require it!
    Anyway I love them first for being my parents and then for providing me all the goods!
  3. Wow, sounds like nice Parents! So generous and loving!

    I have a little diff story:
    My parents are blue-collar, midwestern folks who can't afford to buy me LV or designer clothing/bags...then again, they are not familiar with those brands anyway. I am an only child, adopted, and my mom and dad provided everything they could for me when I was growing up. I never went without nice things or a loving home. Now, I am an adult, making a decent living, and 150 miles away from my beloved parents. Both are older and have health issues now, so that is why I am going back to school to work in the medical field so that I can give back by helping them and others like them in the future. Even though they could never buy me an LV purse or a BMW or a fancy vacation, I know they do all they can and love me and I still feel like a 'princess' :heart::heart::heart::girlsigh:

  4. ^^^^^^^

    I always wondered about your pic in your sig....thanks for sharing your story. It's not the materials things that matter, isnt' it ? !!!

  5. What wonderful parents, and you must be an equally 'WONDERFUL' son!!!

    :yes: :yahoo: :woohoo: :tup:
  6. BacardiGirl,
    You are a beautiful human being! Every child should be like you. You are a credit to your wonderful parents. They did a magnificent job raising you. They must consider you a blessing in their lives. :angel:
  7. Aww, that's so sweet! Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  8. IMHO, parents aren't "wonderful" because they reward you with bags for being responsible in school... Where's the work ethic gone to nowadays??
  9. congrats! you're very lucky to have such wonderful parents!

  10. I think its great that you are there for your parents in their time of need:tup:.. it's your turn to give them TLC when they need it since they have provided it for you.. love isnt money its unconditional... i have so many friends that they go on shopping sprees of $2000 a day and you should see their attitudes never satisfied or content and always badmouth their parents...

    My mom is my hero..she loves me and spoils me because i'm not in good relations with my dad so shes like my two parents.. :heart: and i would trade everything and all the money in the world to have my dad not give me a hard time as much as he does!!!!!! But i still love him :heart:
  11. Hehe, I plan to introduce my mom to LV this year by (hopefully) getting her something nice from LV for her Bday or Mother's Day (its the same week). She might not recognize the brand, but she WILL recognize good quality!
  12. i never ever ever ask (unless its my birthday or something) so sometimes when i'm about to buy something, they get it for me instead..

  13. Hey thanks Big Eyes for the lovely compliment! :heart:
  14. I am happy for you, Baby of Fashion!
  15. that is awesome and so sweet. i can tell ur a genuinely loving person