whose closet would you like to have?

  1. I personally pick Nicole Ritchie. She has a unique, feminine style that I just adore!
  2. VB!! Or Nina Garcia's...someone had a post here of a closet pic - wow
  3. Definitely Victoria Beckham.
  4. Kate Moss. I love everything she wears. Nicole Richie is pretty close behind, and I'd kill to rummage through Sienna Miller's closet.
  5. DITTO!:yes:
  6. I think Victori Beckham, or Kimora, just for her bags!!!!!!!!1 What can I say about VB, she has everything!!!!!!
  7. VB, and Kheira Knightley!
  8. amanda peet!!! (great question!)
  9. Linda Evangelista .
  10. Victoria Beckham or Kate Moss :biggrin:
  11. I would looove to have Lindsay Lohans closet... just because the girl has some amazing stuff - shoes, bags, jeans, etc etc. It is the same with Jessica Simpson :smile:
  12. Mary-Kate Olsen
    She dresses so cute! and I love her bags..
  13. kate moss nonetheless
  14. jessica simpsons for sure and maybe lindsay lohan because of her style!
  15. KATE MOSS!!!:nuts::nuts::drool::drool: