Whose Chloe bag do you most covet?

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  1. Secret confession: I totally covet...

    D&G's python :graucho:
    Sonja's craie loaf :angel:
    Audrey's craie box :ninja:

    There are sooo many gorgeous and unique bags out there but these just POP!! :nuts:


    whose bag do you secretly covet most?? :wlae:
  2. Omg... I secretly covet them all!!! :ninja::ninja::ninja:

    I'd say your blue nuit is at the top hmwe!! Just the color and style is so unique and gorgeous! And your blanc!!! Omg the leather... *squeels* Even with all the white paddys I have I still want it!!!!

    D&G's bracelet bag!! Again, so unique!! I want one really bad now!!!!

    sekmeht's python silverado is TDF!!! It's made me downright obsessed!!

    sonja's craie loaf!!! Again (I know) the color and style combo !! The leather is so thick too!!! Just love it in every way. Definitely one of the prettiest Chloe's I've ever seen!

    dolphinsmile's vanilla paddy!! Gorgeous color and amazing leather!!!!

    There are a ton more that I love but I don't want to list everyone's bags on the whole forum! LOL!
  3. Sratsey's blue nuit and grenat paddies!! When I look in the All About Paddington's thread... I cannot stop looking at them! :Push: :shame: :ninja: Those are my favorite nonmetallic paddy colors. :love:
  4. hmwe46's bleu nuit loaf!!!
  5. Great question....a very tough call, as i love them all but these win in my secret wish society:nuts:

    Jag's mousse paddy
    Chloe-babe's midnight blue (box bowler) paddy (?)
    Chloehandbag's unique collection of beautiful Chloe bags!
    LG's Choco paddy
    Londondolly's Red paddy
    Sratsey's Blue nuit paddy

    I want them all!:love: :yahoo:
  6. Audrey's Craie box
    HMWE's blue nuit loaf
    AnneMerrick's teardrop bracelet bag
    Chloehandbag's chloe mesh bags
    Chloe-babe's - ALL of her chloe shoes
    Booyah's multipocket satchel in bronze
    Sonja's beaded clutch

  7. Audrey's craie box and sable paddy (I'm loving the style and colour of this box, I'm always drooling when I see it - and I'm dreaming of having sable paddy some day :heart: )

    Hmwe's blue nuit loaf and blanc paddy (the leather is tdf in this lovely blanc - I wish I coud have all the cream tone paddys! BN loaf is yummy and the the most gorgeous baby sized paddy I've ever seen :love: )

    D&G's bracelet bag and sable paddy (I'd just would love to have these! That bracelet bag is absolutely stunning and the sable... ahh :drool: )

    Dolphinsmile's vanilla - that's a true rarity and gorgeous colour & leather, I'm dreaming of seeing a vanilla paddy in IRL someday :girlsigh:

    ...the list goes on and on as I'm totally addicted with these bags! :P - there are many many other's I'm coveting here, if I would list them all here it would take all night :nuts: :yes:
  8. Are you kidding, who's bag DON'T I absolutely covet??? I go nuts each time you show pics of one of your bags! Seriously, you ladies have incredible taste! Being the chloe ho that I am, I secretly obsess over:

    Chloehandbags and Chloe-babe: your collections are outstanding
    Audrey & Lordguinny- you are my Paddy queens
    D&G- hang on tight to that bracelet bag, because I just might be lurking:ninja:
    hmwe: that new blue nuit loaf is TDF! And you know I just drool over your paddies!
    sekmeht's python silverado is haunting me too Audrey!
    Chloe_Starlet- your patent betty just rocks!
    And anyone with a Medium Chocolate Betty- I am seriously going nuts for this bag!

    I also want to add that all of you are amazing, and make being a mod easy as pie! Thank you for always being so wonderful to work with, and for making this place as wonderful as it is!:flowers:
  9. Audreys craie box and sable paddy def.

    chicky's whiskey.

    D&G tan paddy....
    I just realized the picture that you're actually her!!!!
  10. There are so many I lust after:

    Winona's Craie Paddy
    Lordguinny's yummy chocolate paddy
    Who had the nutmeg? I ADORE that one too...
    Jag's mousse
    Chloe-Babe's Blue Nuit box (?) is that the right style? The same one that hmwe just got? I love that shape
    Any I'm totally jealous of anyone with a python silverado.
  11. I :heart: everyones bags, but these are the ones I most covet :graucho::
    Audrey's Craie Box :love:
    hmwe46's Bleu Nuit Mini Loaf :heart:
    D&G's Bracelet Bag :nuts:
    :drool: :drool:
    Hope I'm lucky enough to find 1 these rare beauties!! :love:
  12. Your paddies are so droolworthy!

    I'm loving and coveting lordguinny's whiskey and hmwe46'a blanc... :love:

    Admiring from afar here! Lovely lovely lovely paddingtons ladies!
  13. Would it be O.K. if I said mine?:blush: I love chocolate any way I can get it!:wlae:
  14. whoever has the noir zippy in the small size...I know somewhere has it but it's not me....:crybaby:

    also D&G's tan and LB's ivory medium satchels;) ;) and the mousse zippy formerly known as LB's:graucho:
  15. Jag, i crave the gray Paddington in your photo.