whose celebrity you share birthday with?

  1. mine is jennifer aniston and brandy
  2. (People, check out FamousBirthdays.com)

    Let's see:

    Patty Duke

    There are others, but those are the only two I've heard of.
  3. Albert Einstein... I'm pretty much as smart as him too. ;)
  4. Dizzy Gillespie and Judge Judy!
  5. Joan of Ark!?!? & Leland from Dog the Bounty Hunter!!! Love him :smile:
  6. Andie Macdowell
    Tony Danza:yucky:
    Queen Elizabeth the II (UK)
    Anthony Quinn
  7. shakespeare (who, of course, died on the same date..)
    shirley temple
  8. Don Johnson (I like Miami and I have a few vices).

    J. Paul Getty (I'd also like to share his financial status - but not his mental status).

    Tim Conway (LOVE funny men!):wlae:
  9. jane seymour
    susan b. anthony
    claire bloom
    matt groening
    john barrymore
  10. I share my birthday with Oprah!:yes:
  11. Jenny McCarthy - wish I shared her jeans size too. ;)
  12. Madonna and Vanessa Carlton. Too bad I'm not a famous pop star. :P
  13. Me too!!
  14. I share my birthday with Matt Hardy- which is my favorite wrestler by the way. Ray Charles and Mickey Rooney. I'm a Libra, my birthday is in Sept.
  15. Patti Labelle, Priscilla Pressley
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