whose body would you barrow for a day?


whose body would you barrow for a day?

  1. kate moss

  2. drew barrymore

  3. scarlett johanson

  4. gisele bundchen

  5. other.please share!!!

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. scarlett johansson...I don't wanna sound gross, but she has great boobs:shame:
  3. America Ferrera or Jennifer Hudson. I miss having an hourglass waist, also they are both booty owners, a distinction I forfeited when I lost weight.
  4. Definitely not kate's with all that coke in there
  5. I voted Giselle. I like Kate Moss' body too, but I don't have boobs, so giselle got my vote.
  6. I'd pic Scarlett... she has such a womanly body
  7. i picked Giselle... she's tall and lean, has great legs. maybe add 10 lbs on her, and that would be perfect! otherwise... i wouldn't mind having a figure like Jessica Alba.

    Scarlett has a lovely curvy figure... but she's kinda on the shorter side (i think 5'3" or so), and i've always wanted to be tall.
  8. Gisele! Its perfection.
  9. I say Jennifer Lopez ....but since she is not in the poll GISELE
  10. Any of them really.....I would just love to know what it felt like to be really super thin...I was a 6 for like one week and I just could not hold onto to it!! I was cold and hungry all the time. I stay around a 10...and wish I was a 8 for ever and not a few months out of th year!! I would say Giselle for the skinny factor but I would not turn down Scarlett...she has a sexy shape.
  11. Scarlett!
  12. gisele.
  13. gisele
  14. I like Nicole Kidman and Terri Hatcher - tall, slim and elegant.
  15. From the poll...Gisele for sure!