Whose bag is it anyway

  1. I have friends who want to borrow my lovely bags. I usually just ignore them and not answer. I just think it's such a personal thing. I can see a special event where one would need a clutch or something to match a certain color bit not for everyday way. Am I being selfish or is it a community closet :nuts: ? What is something happens to the borrowed item?
  2. Lol..if you don't want to share your bags, that's your decision! I know I wouldn't loan my bags out because I've seen what happens to the BOOKS I loan out and I can't imagine that kind of stuff happening to my nice bags.
  3. Exactly! LV Addict's thread about the underarm stain got me thinking about this!
  4. If I had your collection I wouldn't loan it out either. Your collection is fantastic.

    Gloss_Gal:You are not being selfish. It is my experience that a lot of people don't take care of bags they borrow because they did not work hard and save up to buy them. They are your bags, you paid for them and if you don't want to loan them out that is your choice. Don't feel guilty.
  5. I once let a girlfriend borrow something, it mysteriously became a gift. That was just a Guess Jeans Vest, in regard to my bags: Forget about it, not going to happen!
  6. i NEVER share my bags with my friends. my sisters have borrowed them a few times but have since got their own..
  7. Aww thanks!
    And the problem with a lot of mine is that they're discontinued styles so my only resort for finding them on ebay at quite a bit over retail.
    I REALLY don't want to go that route..
    One of my friends has a D&B that's only a year old and she's beat that bag to death..it's sad. I have a couple and mine barely have any color on them..the straps on hers are basically black and the coating is lifting away from the material since she got it soaked somewhere.
    I don't know..I just couldn't treat my things like that..I love them too much.
  8. I agree with everyone else. They are your purses that you worked for and it's your decision whether to lend them out or not.

    I wouldn't lend out any of my purses to a friend who treated her own purses like that either!
  9. The only person I would lend my bags to is my mother. Other than that, if you want one bad enough, get your own!!
  10. I agree:yes:. I know she would be the only one I trust with my bags.
  11. Same here..but even then I have to have her use ONLY pens with caps when she uses my bags! Lol.
  12. Friends borrowing your purse??? For me that is too personal. It would be like them asking to borrow my underwear. I am too attached to my purses and my underwear. Not an option at all.
  13. I really think bags are very personal things, especially you are talking about the bags $1000 above, one should use any bag that they can afford rather than borrow from friends or even relatives.
  14. Yeah I dont think I'd lend my bags to anyone, not even my mom because she really gives her bags some tough love and I just cringe at the thought of her putting my babies through that LOL :shame:
  15. no way i'm borrowing my designer bags!!!
    yesterday i borrowed my vintage LV petit noe to my bf's mom & the string is almost broke, but it's still handled well. guess what when she came home yesterday! the string's BROKEN!!!
    this is not the first time, before she borrowed my sandal and broke it too! i know it's my SO's mom, but i f**ing hate her sometimes :crybaby: