Who's your SA?

  1. While reading the posts, I found SA's names from different boutiques and Dep.Stores poped up. It was really helpful to me since I just started collecting designer bags and myself havent got chance to build a really solid relationship with SAs from all brands. And if you have not spent a lot on them, they usually will not give you first-hand info about upcoming sales. Not sure whether it is true for everyone, but at least it is to me:crybaby:

    So I feel it will be very helpful if we can share our trusted SAs, listing their names and contact info and which brands they can help us get. Well, as long as this does not violate their privacy:rolleyes:

    Probably we will be able to build a list for everybody's reference in the future. How about that?:graucho:
  2. Dont think this is going to go over too well. Alot of people like to keep the identity of there SAs private because they usually have a solid relationship with a paticular SA who can "hook them up" first, notify them of sales, put things aside for them when they arent really suppose to etc.

    Its best just to go into the store and seek out a person who you think can help you and build from there.
  3. That's reasonable~ :yes:
  4. Honestly, I like everyone at my store. You just have to be friendly, learn their names, and learn if they have any kids. For one thing, so many people are rude to SA's, that if you're nice more than once, they really appreciate it. Also, People like when you ask about their kids. (This tends to help if you have your own kids you can talk about.)
  5. I don't think we are allowed to do this. The mods warned someone about this before..

  6. I agree with this.
  7. We definitely are not allowed to share that type of information on this forum.
  8. Just curious, why aren't we allow to?
  9. Probably, a good idea would be to do a search on SA's on this forum, which will give you some very good insight as to the varied relationships between customers and SA's.
  10. i can see why people wouldn't want to share esp if say they were on here talking about 'my sa got me this' or 'my sa did that for me' so someone couldn't call them and say 'heather on the purse board said you did xxx so you need to do that for me' but why wouldn't it be allowed?
  11. Establishing a good relationship with a SA is something you have to do personally. After you've purchased a couple of pieces and keep returning to the store they'll look after you. Don't think it would go down very well if you kept referring to others in order to receive special treatment...
  12. If you need an introduction to a SA at a particular store/location if you make that known, the members will pm you with recommendations. I do that all the time.