Who's your favorite SA? favorite store?

  1. I was just wondering who your favorite SA is and which store is your favorite?
  2. The 5th Ave store is my favorite. It is my home away from home. Abigail is my SA. I do love Cindy too though. All of the girls there are amazing and so is Michael. I feel like none of them are pushy and they will tell you if something doesn't look good.

    I am a Choo shoe person though... not really into the bags.... I do buy A LOT of shoes though.
  3. Jimmy Choo Store in Chicago - Casey McDermott of Course:queen:
  4. Jimmy Choo Dallas, Jim, so very nice and helpful!
  5. Jimmy Choo San Francisco - Eric or Joe. Both are fabulous!

  6. Japskivt -- the 5th Avenue sture is also my favorite. It is two blocks from my office, and also my second home. Cindy is my regular SA, but I have also worked with Abigail in Cindy's absence. Lately, I have become much more of a shoe person than a bag person.

    I couldn't agree with you more that all of the SAs there are fantastic. None of them are pushy, and they really give some great advice. I have loved all of the shoes that have been recommended, and I have quite a few pairs on my wishlist for fall/winter.
  7. blanca @ the houston jimmy choo boutique in the galleria.
  8. The Jimmy Choo store in Atlanta... and a SA there named Phyllis (or Sandy...) they absolutely both rock and have given me superb customer service. The number is 404-475-2800.
  9. I love all of the people at Nordstrom Mall of America- especially Bri! So good!