Who's your favorite celebrity couple? Who would you like to see together?

  1. I already predict I'll get a lot of David and Victoria Beckham fans, haha.

    For awhile though I thought Hilary Duff and Joel Madden were the cutest thing, but now they've split and he's with Nicole Richie, so yeah. Anyways:

    1) Whos everyones favorite celebrity couple? They can be people who are currently dating/married or used to date/be married.

    2) Who would you LIKE to see date?
  2. I LOVE Posh&Becks....they always seem sooooooo genuine.

    I also really liked Drew&Fabrizzio....they looked really genuine too.

    KateHudson&ex-Husband...again Genuine

    ....before he proved to be well....., and of course the split......cutsey genuine

    I suppose my fav celebrity couple is of course Will&Jada...the ultimate Genuines.
  3. YES! Ah, I totally forgot about them!
  4. MY Closet Reconciliation Hopes

    Brad&Jen.......Still cant believe that happened.

    Jennifer&Ben....YES, i wrote that


    Brittney&Justin....in a few yrs when she's proven sane, re-cooped, and hopefully still alive:smile:

    Reese&Ryan.......i mean come on

    Kirsten&Jake....they were the cutest of them all to me

    Keira&JamieDornan....they just made sense to me

    Drew&Fabrizzo....you guys want it too

    Randon People I'd like to see together




    Scarlett&WoodyAllen........lol....inside joke
  5. I love Posh and Becks together, and also like Will and Jada.

    I think Ashlee Simpson looks cute with Pete Wentz too!

    I wish Brad & Jen, Rachel Bilson & Adam Brody and Nick & Jessica had never split up, I also secretly wish Justin & Britney would get back together!!
  6. sophielicious - ooh, Angelina and Johnny Depp would make a great couple!!!
  7. Halle Berry and George Clooney
  8. My favorite couple is Will & Jada

    Also I like Duane Martin & Tisha Campbell Martin, Denzel & Paulette, Samuel L Jackson & Latanya, Angela Bassett & Courtney Vance, Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne, Eddie George & Taj
  9. Oh yeah a couple in MY favorite couple category is Rev Run & Justine
  10. they would make such beautiful babies! :nuts:
  11. Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt!
  12. rachel bilson & adam brody
    kate moss & jefferson hack

  13. Can you imagine their babies?!? Wow!!!!

    They're, IMO, better looking than Brad and Angelina.

  14. lol...i figured that the're both "out there", but i a great way, so why not.

    I was just reading your posts, and we basically listed the same people..lol
  15. I like Sarah Jessica and Matthew. You never hear anything bad about them.