Who's your FAVE FOOD NETWORK Star??

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  1. I love GIADA!!! Met her at a book signing..she is sooo adorable!!
  2. Alton Brown! He's cute and I love his show!
  3. Sandra Lee?! Hmmm... semi home-made... lol... I am kidding of course.
  4. I second that! :heart: Alton Brown & Good Eats!
  5. Paula Deen and her good lookin' sons!!!!!!
  6. Paula Deen, but I'm biased, I'm southern, hah
  7. ^ I love her and Ina Garten. Paula Deen is just so loveable and I love Ina's recipes!
  8. Paula Dean!!!! She is a woman after my own heart!!! And she sounds EXACTLY like my mom when she talks!!
  9. I loooove Paula Dean! And Emeril, of course!
  10. Giada!
  11. Giada!! I'm watching her right now!! She's the cutest thing ever!!!
  12. I have a few:
    (and in that particular order)
  13. Alton Brown and Good Eats!
  14. ina garten!
  15. I like Giada and her recipes. I watch Rachael Ray as well but not when she's super hyper---sometimes her fast talking feels like she's on a contest for who can talk the most within 30 sec.