Who's your dealer?

  1. Where do you all go to purchase your Chanel items? Chanel stores are scarce for me unless I venture into NYC. I can buy sunnies at Bloomingdales and Saks though.. or go to the Miracle Mile where they have a store who carries Chanel items.. but all far from where I live..
    So.. where do you all shop?:graucho:
  2. My one and only Chanel I bought in Las Vegas.
  3. NM 99% of the time.
  4. NM and Saks. Some Nordstoms carry them. You can order from all three stores by phone and have them shipped to you.
  5. Since I live in the LA area, I'm fortunate enough to have several places to shop for Chanel. So I buy from Saks, NM, Chanel Rodeo Drive, and Nordstrom. I don't tend to stick to just 1 store.

  6. Saks doesn't carrry Chanel bags
  7. actually SAKS does carry Chanel bags:yes:just not all of them!
  8. Where ever I can get my hands of Chanel :yes: Sweden doesn't carry the brand so I have to buy it when ever I'm abroad. Usally Chanel stores in Paris or US
  9. NM and Chanel short hills
  10. NM and Chanel Sydney.
  11. I also live in LA so I have many options...saks, NM and chanel

  12. .....and dont forget Blommies
  13. Neiman's most of the time, but I also love Chanel in Waikiki & Ala Moana!
  14. Mostly Nordstrom.
  15. Which Bloomies carries Chanel in So Cal???