Who's wearing their new amarante today?

  1. I am! I wore my new bracelet today, with layered white and brown T-shirts. Ahh I love it! I can't stop looking at it!

    I know a lot of you bought your amarante bags and accessories over the weekend and end of last week -- did you take them out for a spin today?
  2. I was planning to, had my Reade packed and was going to wear it with Dark jeans and a black top but the only thing I am doing at work today is moving a ton of boxes and junk from one office to my new office and I didn't want my Reade to get hurt so I left her at home. Maybe tomorrow.
  3. i wish. my sunset is in the back room on 57th street right now in manhattan. i want to go get her but not for another couple weeks :crybaby:
  4. I'm wearing my bangle and ring!
    I'd like to carry my Brentwood but still can't, because my mom is holding it hostage lol.
  5. Not yet for me. Today I am carrying my Noisette Rox...perhaps Amarante Rox will emerge later this week.
  6. Wore my Amarante bracelet today with a ribbon skirt and tight grey knit top.