Who's Wearing Pencil Skirts these Days ?

  1. [​IMG]

    I use to wear pencil skirts alot, but not now ! i find them to restricting, I tend to end up walking like a penguin especially if the skirt is too long.

    How about you ?

  2. I must admit I've strayed from pencil skirts even though they are a classic staple. I need to go shopping!
  3. I do because I love the sexy sophisticated look. But I don't wear the really long ones just a bit over my knees (not mini). I have 6 different pencil skirts and some dresses in this shape.
  4. Not me-I am not exactly slim-don't think they would work on me.
  5. I just got two pencil skirts. I think they are the only styles that look flattering on me. Other skirts just make me look shapeless and ruler-like. But nothing too long, either at the knees or just below.
  6. Love pencil skirts, I wear them for work most of the time.

  7. I like it knee length not too long otherwise I will walk like [​IMG]
  8. I still do quite often because it's like that belt that the priest in Da Vinci code wears:roflmfao: . Bought a Roland Mouret dress in blue this season and my god how painful is it if you gain half a kilo! So it reminds me all the time that I should not eat too much chocs :lol: (good for the beach season!)

    My favourite is the librarian look (I wear glasses then even if my eyes are only -100:P ) and on the rare occasions that I manage to pull it off, it is a real head turner!
  9. I don't.. mostly cause it'd make me look really weird (I have hips and I'm short, mishapen tube anyone ?!).
  10. I love pencil skirts though I wear them mostly in the fall.
  11. I agree, I wore one to the office on yesterday, great comments.
    I am thin, the skirt makes me look good

  12. :heart: Roland Mouret:heart: I imagine the actresses from Alfred Hitchcok movies....Grace Kelly etc...
    I have a bit of a pear shape, but thanks to JLo I dare wearing a denim knee length pencil skirt, only with high heels though to elongate the silhouette....and I have glasses ...talking about the librarian look, definitely works w men !!!
  13. I like them and wear them occassionally.

    But never as tight and long as that one JLo has on. I think she looks utterly ridiculous, frankly, like she is all jammed in there and wobbling while she walks. But I'm not a big JLo fan at all -- she has way too much condescending attitude.
  14. I like the look, but my legs are too ugly for me to wear them :[
  15. i just bought a really cute denim pencil skirt today to save for winter (it was over 50% off and a beautiful wash). i don't have any hips to speak of, even though i'm not slim by anyone's definition, so the shape shows off a place on my body where i AM slim and the long line makes me look, hopefully, a tad taller.
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