Who's Watching The Superbowl?

  1. FYI the Giants are going to win:boxing:

  2. I am.

    And you're incorrect. The Pats are going to win.
  3. I'm allergic to sports - but I realise this is a momentous event that should be celebrated with lots of beer and chicken wings ! :graucho:

    Everyone for the win !
  4. I am recording it on my Tivo so I can see the commercials and the halftime show...I don't even know who is playing (that's how clueless I am about football).
  5. Obviously not me.
  6. Who is on at half-time? I thought it was Paula Abdul, but someone else told me it was Mary J. Blige?
  7. Unfortunately me...but I'm distracting myself with TPF woo!
  8. I'm only watching it for the commercials...and to try to root the Giants on to an upset! (hate the Patriots with a passion :boxing:smile:
  9. I am not a football fan but when NY is playing I try my best:lol:
  10. I am watching it for the commercials (I want an Audi R8)...and tpf is my distraction during game time. :p
  11. :yahoo::roflmfao: hee hee - me neither! AND my husband is at PetSmart right now picking up dog food! Then he's stopping off at the market to pick up potatoes for mashed potatoes tonight! He must be the only guy on the road!
  12. Go Pats !
    I am also watching for the commercials , but i do watch the game too
  13. How much does each commerical cost?

  14. Same here!! And staying close to the snacks!! LOL:roflmfao:
  15. I think $1 million:sweatdrop: