who's watching my auction???

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  1. If my listing isn't searchable yet than who exactly is that 1 person watching my auction????

    I tried looking for my auction but it's not showing up yet under any of the keywords someone could use to find it....but someone's watching it.

    I'm confused???:confused1:

    Could it be an employee? or maybe it's showing for some but not other's?

    Oh well.... LoL....:wlae:
  2. Is your auction a relist? If it is, then that one person could be someone who was watching the other auction ( eBay notifies on the old listing that your item has been relisted, and takes people right to it). If you didn't relist, did you list using Auctiva?

    If you use Auctiva and have other auctions visible, then people can see ALL of your items (including new, invisible listings) in your store window on your active listings.

    If neither of those is the case, then you have a ghost. Haha.
  3. No it's wasn't relisted and I don't know how to use activa...OH NO!! my auction is haunted :wtf:...haha
  4. If you use Auctiva, it shows up in the slideshow in your othere listings. If you are on someone's fav list, they may be looking at your listings.

  5. I think if someone is looking for a specific item, there is a way that they can be alerted if what they are looking for is listed. I'm not sure how it works, but I've had watchers on a couple of my auctions within a few minutes of listing and that's what a friend had told me.
  6. ^^That makes sense.... I would also love to know how to do it....hehe
  7. Thanks!
  8. You're welcome!

    I'm thinking it might even be an employee - they do have active accounts for bidding/selling.
  9. Could be you looking at our own listing??
  10. its me ! lol