who's waiting on geranium?

  1. i know a few of us are waiting on confirmation of geranium satchels. so let's all have a drink and keep refreshing our emails to see if we get delivery confirmation, haha. (ADMIT IT! you all have been doing it, too!!!)

    so come and wait. or pray (let's hope the shopping gods are listening!). or drink. :p
  2. I didn't know you ordered it too!!! How exciting! It's not in my budget, but I can't wait to see pics and drool over everyone elses!
  3. it's paid for, but i don't know if it's actually mine yet...:sweatdrop:
  4. Aaaaawwwww, I get it - fingers crossed for you - I just got caught up in the other thread where it looks like a bunch of you ordered with 5 left!! Here's a pic - I had to go find one so I could see it again! :drool:

  5. i got my fingers and toes crossed for you!!!!!!
  6. My heart swoons whenever I see this bag (obviously only from pictures). I asked the store manager about the bag but she said it was impossible to get. Were you guys able to order under PCE?
  7. If you paid for it, it's yours. If you back ordered it and just gave a credit card without it being charged, then there's no guarantee.
  8. WOW that is a beautiful bag! same price as the other satchels? would LOVE to get my hands on one!
  9. :drinkup: It's a gorgeous bag!!~ I hope you are able to get it!! If I wasn't trying to curtail my bag/shoe purchases right now due to a lack of closet space and a need to focus on getting downstairs furniture... I would totally be trying to track down this baby!!
  10. Crossing my fingers for you girls that ordered it and that you all get one!:yes:

    It's breathtaking!:love:
  11. I ordered it and just checked my Amex and it was charged 6/7 for it. No shipping confirmation although I also don't have shipping confirmation for the other PCE stuff I ordered which has also been charged. I'm being optimistic for all of us!
  12. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for you girls!
  13. it wasn't back ordered at the time (there were 4 left). but it was faxed in, so i was told it wasn't a guarantee.

    this is too much stress. :sweatdrop:
  14. Hope everyone gets it!!
  15. sweet bag, best of luck to all of you guys waiting for it, hoping that you all get it.