Who's waiting on a new Hayden-Harnett bag to be delivered?

  1. I was wondering how many people have already jumped on the new spring bags. Who's ordered and waiting with bated breath? I think some of them started shipping already, right?
  2. I definitely haven't ordered any, but I've been admiring them. So many cute new styles and colors for Spring.

    Anyone actually take the plunge yet?
  3. I know someone has because I've read in another thread that they have, but I don't remember who! Where are y'all?:nuts:
  4. I am waiting for the green Sao Paolo. It was supposed to be mailed on the 7th, now it says the 11th.
  5. I wish I were... Does that count? There are quite a few that I would love to order just to see what they look like IRL!

    Can't wait to see yours Rondafaye!
  6. Well, that's rotten! Tomorrow's the day, though! Can you post pics when you get it? I'm curious about the size.
  7. I bought my first H-H bag last week, but it's not one of the new spring designs. I got the classic Havana Hobo in Eggplant.
  8. Its on the way eventually. I haven't ordered it because I am waiting for a sale but I am looking for a HH Mercer Clutch which is absolutely adorable! I hope something comes along soon because I am a growing fan!
  9. Sure, I'll post pics!
  10. i'm waiting on a Pastis in Plaid! supposed to ship tomorrow (so it will arrive Tues) but the date has been pushed back for a while so i'm not getting my hopes up too high...
  11. Patiently waiting on a Pastis like Jandelvis and a couple accessories...
    Thinking hard about ordering more, because my need for HH knows no bounds. They tried to make me go to rehab but I said (Hayden Harnett) ho, ho, ho.
  12. There are a bunch of older styles I like... Will they EVER go on sale again?:crybaby:
  13. I am waiting on a Mercer TC in Vintage Black...it feels like it is taking forever....so excited!
  14. AND....a Mercer in grey from pulsestl.com. Just received an email that it shipped today! I am HH obsessed right now!
  15. not a bag, but waiting on a cobalt clutch wallet :smile: