Who's waiting on a bag and which one is it?

  1. I was wondering how many of us ordered a bag and are waiting for it.
    It can be something you're waitlisted for or something you called and purchased over the phone, etc. . . .

    I'm waiting for my dark white Vintage Ligne Tote, hopefully it'll be here today!:yahoo:

    What are you waiting for?
  2. I'm waiting for the black Caviar Clutch to come back in.

    Swanky, I'm so glad you're getting the dark white tote again. I love that bag!
  3. I'm desperatley waiting for the python spirit clutch!
  4. I'm waiting o my red modern chain tote (small)--the one you returned Swanky!

    It should arrive tomorrow. Just in time for my trip to Atlanta :yahoo:
  5. LOL Swanky, I'm glad you were able to get her again. It was meant to be.:yes: I am now waiting for the khaki baby cabas.
  6. I too am waiting for the Khaki baby Cabas!!! I am also waiting on my Chanel Black Tweed Ballet Flats from SFA in Atlanta. Should be in today!!
  7. I'm waiting on the violet Lady Braid. I think I going to order the black caviar clutch.
  8. Im waiting for my petite shopping tote..I finally have decided to buy the white one, but they dont have it anymore..So i ordered the black w/ gold hardware instead..:love:
  9. I'm waiting on the timeless classic clutch in grey. The SA said it looks like the color of an 'elephant' , brownish-grey. I hope i like (Love) it b/c I wanted the black but its on backorder. I saw a thread from a fellow purser who got anothe clutch in a taupey color that said her boyfriend said it looked like the color of an elephant. Loved that color!!!!!!!! HOpe its the same color. I'll let you guys know.
    Oh the SA WAS GREAT, she didn't charge me shipping and Idon't get charged sales tax b/c I don't have a Chanel in my state.
    Wow-I saved over 100.00!!!!!!!!
    She sent it second day also
  10. Khaki baby Cabas for me too. And all the new Modern Chain photos are killing me. I know I don't need one, but I WANT one.
    and a Black Cambon Bowling bag with the white CC
    (I had this bag and sold it 7 months ago...I really liked this bag ...so I bought her again) LOL
    Both items should be here ANY DAY
  12. Baby Cabas in Khaki
  13. I had been waiting on the Red Modern Chain in the Small size and it's been here, but I finally picked it up yesterday!!!:yahoo:
    oct bal chan 002.jpg oct bal chan 001.jpg
  14. WOW, that is stunning. I love red chanels.
  15. I am waiting for the Black Medallion bag with silver hardware, black change purse and a black nylon travel tote bag.

    I wanna get a baby Cabas but I am not sure what color to get.