Who's waiting next for the Birkin?

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  1. :biggrin: Hi guys! Since it was a pretty good week for fellow members who got their birkins, who's on the list next? Who has special ordered, on the waitlist, and will soon get one?

    I'd go first.

    Birkin, where art thou?

    2 weeks ago, I passed on a 25cm matte lizard chocolate brown Birkin. I think I'll get this size after I get the 30cm.

    In April/May, the Hermes shop here is supposed to be receiving a 30cm Birkin and they've reserved it for me. I hope it's love at first sight! :love:
  2. La Van, I was on the waitlist forever for a Barenia Birkin & recently change my order to chevre...according to the store manager, barenia bags are really hard to come by these day. Anyway, I'm hoping to get a chevre Birkin soon! :smile:
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  3. I hope you get it as soon as possible! How long does it normally take there 1-2 years?

    I've never seen barenia but chevre is TDF, I especially love them in bright colors. Which color did you order again?
  4. I'm waiting for a 35 Clemence or Togo Ebene; I passed the 40 that had arrived a short while ago thanks to the good advice of you all, and hopefully the 35 should arrive in the autumn. It seams ages away..:sad2: But I'm going to my local Hermes much more often ( like Noriko, wise girl !;) ) so who knows what I may find in the meantime...!!!:biggrin:
  5. Thanks La Van! :smile: I didn't order a specific color...Call me boring but I told my SA I'd love to have a classic neutral shade that I'll love & wear forever :love:

    About the waiting period, it depends, I have a friend who waited 2 years :sad:
  6. duna - I think it really helps to visit the shop often. I go to the one here once/twice a week to have a look. Sometimes, I buy stuff I like, sometimes, I just chat with them. The SAs and manager here are so adorable!

    Autumn seems a long way ....

    If I don't like the Birkin the store reserved for me, I'd also have to wait longer. Chanting to self "patience, patience, patience"
  7. Gigi, I :love: :love: Barenia, I would love a Birkin in this leather (did you see the one on Ebay?) but I've got Courchevel gold, don't you think they are too similar? :wondering
  8. Duna, if you're talking about Barenia Natural ( not black or ebene ) then I would say they look similar in terms of color, but the color of Barenia natural darkens with age. IMO, Barenia Natural is quintessentially Hermes :love:
  9. Why is barenia so much rarer? Is it a smooth leather or also grainy?
  10. Yes, I mean Barenia Natural; La Van it's a smooth leather, I think it's what they make horses bridles with isn't it Gigi? It's a horsey leather anyway...:biggrin:
  11. I saw a picture now on another forum TFS. It's gorgeous! I'd just be so afraid to scratch it.
  12. Yes Duna, Hermes use the Barenia for making saddles, but they're used for bags, agendas, wallets, & even watch strap too.
  13. yes, saw the one on eBay..the one that's listed with a freaking BIN of US$15,000+ right ? :biggrin:
  14. La Van! I love your avatar! I wish I was next on the list, but will have to live through all of you lovely ladies for awhile! But congrats to all of you who got their Birkins and Kellys this week! It's been really exciting!!!
  15. Yea, that's the one Gigi..!!!