Who's Waiting for their Botkier Sale Bags?

  1. Who on tPF is waiting for a Botkier Sale bag to arrive?
    I ordered a Bordeaux Sasha Hobo last Tuesday nite for $198 shipped and received an email from Botkier immediately after ordering that my order would be processed within 72 hours, but I have yet to hear anything. Has anyone received thier bags yet?
  2. Geesh--how did you get Bordeaux??!!!! I ordered the same bag but the only color they had days ago was the army. lucky-duck! Although, I have no bags that color I orderd so I'm fine with it! :p I don't think there is mail tomorrow so I imagine they won't ship until tuesday...? :girlsigh:

  3. A super PF'er (Tonij2000) PM'ed me when she heard about the sale and I went immediately to the site and got it on Tueasday nite. I think they sold out of that color pretty quickly.
    I am so anxious to get it!
    ...I am not known for my patience! LOL!
  4. I ordered a Bryant Large Hobo in dark brown on Thursday night and got a call next day to confirm the shipping address (it was way different from billing). They told that bag would arrive in 7-10 days but they have yet to send a confirmation (other than the order confirmation received straight after purchase) or charge my credit card.
  5. I'm waiting for a black Large Bryant Hobo. I saw one in a boutique and it looked so lush. I love Botkier! I received a confirmation email and my cc has been charged but no sipping email yet. I even called Jinnie on Friday and se told me that it prob wouldn't ship til Monday.
  6. Oh YAY! Glad to hear some of you ladies have received some contact. I was afraid I might receive an email that my order was cancelled or something, because it has been so many days since I ordered and haven't heard anything.
  7. i'm still waiting for the shipping confirmation.. probably gonna call them on tuesday to ask what's going on.. hopefully it ship.. *crossing fingers*
  8. Lucky ladies.
  9. Oh duh--I just noticed you ordered tuesday and I didn't get there until Thursday--what a crazy sale!! I'm so excited, this is my first Bot. Can't wait til the pics start rolling in :upsidedown:

  10. I ordered the large bryant hobo . Received a confirmation email but no shipping email. I cannot wait. My first Botkier:yahoo: and its a black one so I can wear it with everything! I wear black almost every day .I had ordered the bella clutch a while back but sent it back since it was so small. There should be more than enough room in this bag!
  11. i got a bryant hobo in black and a sasha tote in army...cant wait to see the color of the sasha, never seen it in real life so I hope its worth it! I still havent received shipping emails but I did receive the order confirmation so I hope it isnt canceled...