Who's waiting for the 24 premiere?

  1. I don't watch this show but I feel so left out because almost everyone I know does. I think the new season starts tomorrow - is it too late to start watching this series?
  2. I can't wait. I'm finally all up to date with them and can actually watch this season on tv. You can probably start. Some parts may be a bit confusing because they carry over some issues into other seasons. But basically it's a new day, so it's a new start. You'll love it!
  3. I'm so happy something worth watching will finally be on. 24 is my favorite show, it's so exciting. Maxter take out the previous seasons from the library or Blockbuster video, and watch them in order, it will be a really big treat.
  4. who just watched it??!?!?!??!?! ahhhhhh.........why don't people ever listen/trust jack bauer? he's always right :supacool: can't wait for continuation of the premiere tomorrow...the preview looked rockin'.
  5. omg, i just watched!!! the whole 2 hours!!! intense!! sooooo gooooddddd, theres another 2 hrs tomorrow, im so excited... the torture scenes were kinda brutal tho...
  6. Woooo, I watched the first 4 episodes that got leaked. Chloe looks really different, yeah?
  7. yeah, much better and less...awkward, no?
  8. woot ! Jack is back.

    Can't wait to watch tomorrow (at same time watching the Globes.. eeek).
  9. loved the first two hours, my only thought is how the heck are they going to keep up the rest of the season at this pace? was anyone a tad bit disappointed at how season 5 ended? i was. but yeah i agree, chloe has a whole new look, her hair is stylish. and has a bf that is all over her. strange.
  10. just watched the first 2 new episodes too!! i'm so happy jack is back :smile: i can't wait for tomorrow!!
  11. It's annoying isn't it? But think about it this way...if they listened to him, there would be no drama. Everything would be okay. So they have to disregard him just to make sure he has to save the day and all.
  12. I'm very excited that this show is back.

    Maxter, I think you can start with this season and be fine. I didn't start watching until the beginning of the 4th season, but I caught on quickly enough. There will be some background information that you won't be aware of, but for the most part I do not think it will affect your enjoyment of the show. There seem to be a number of people on this board who watch, and I'm sure if you are unclear, someone here will be more than willing to help with details.

    The "boyfriend" who is "all over" Chloe is actually her ex-husband Morris. Chloe called on him to help her at the end of last season and it appears that he is working at CTU full-time now. They weren't involved at the end of season 5, but it looks like they are now.

    I will greatly miss Logan and Martha, both of whom really made Season 5 for me.

    On another note, I am thrilled that both Bill Buchanan and Karen Hayes are back, and that they are now married, nonetheless!

    Hope it will be a great season.
  13. I love this show. Great first ep.
  14. Excellent season starter last night.

    I can't wait for tonight.

    Oh, and Angst - I heard that Logan is coming back this season; I guess we'll have to wait and see. :smile:
  15. I agree, it was a great two hours :nuts: So excited for tonight!

    Jack's a badass :supacool: