Who's waiting for a new RM in the mail?

  1. Hey ladies, just curious as to who was waiting for new RM bags to be delivered. I know the leftovers from the LA Sample Sale were a huge hit around here, so I imagine there's some ladies waiting on some goodies to show up.

    I wrangled with the decision for days - scoop up on something super cheap from the Sample Sale leftovers or save the funds for a new Spring line bag. Well, I couldn't pass it up, and ordered the No Strings Clutch in Nickel/Sand(I've been waiting to find a bargain on that clutch!). I also ordered the Matinee in Midnight/Pewter, but they had run out - BUT, I did find a Matinee in Midnight/Pewter later that night on Delcina for $375, so I'm waiting on those 2.

    Anyone else waiting on any RM goodies - Sample Sale or otherwise?
  2. I haven't ordered, but there are a few spring bags I really want to get my hands on :yes:
  3. I'm waiting on a silver kiss and makeup. :love:
  4. I'm waiting for a wine matinee that I special-ordered from label360 and an espresso mini MAB from the sample sale. It will be my first mini, so I am especially excited. I know I definitely want a steady and the yellow/silver MAB, so I have got some saving to do.
  5. I'm waiting for a Matinee in midnight/pewter, MAM in black stonewash and a Kiss and Make Up in sage stamp. All of them are from the sample sale leftovers, they're also my first RM purchases. I'm super excited.
  6. I just received the matine in stoneblue/grey with silver hardware which I ordered from Museten and I now know and can understand all the raving about these bags. The leather is wonderfully soft, the stitchting is perfect and it's a really nice bag especially for this price. The only thing I don't like is that the of the main compartment is pretty sharp and that I've to be careful not to scratch my hands everytime I take something out. This won't be my last RM, the next will be a MAM and a Nicki. the matinee has a very good chance of becoming my most favourite bag.
  7. I think I will snag something from the Spring or Summer line.

    I'm awaiting a Nikki in Night Blue (thanks CityChris, Balihai88, and Lexie2000) and most likely a MAM in Eggplant.
  8. since i live on the other end of the world~ the only way to get RM bags are via eBay~ i just won myself a MAB in black/black basket weave~ i've wanted this bag so bad after seeing it on Lilo and its finally on its way and i'm super excited~ it will not be my last! i'm eyeing a martinee in glazed expresso :graucho:
  9. I'm waiting for a midnight kiss & makeup bag and a midnight/pewter matinee from the leftover sample sale! I saw on D&S that some have rec'd shipping notices and some have already rec'd their bags, so it won't be long now!
  10. I'm waiting for my midnight/pewter matinee. It'll be my first matinee! :smile:
  11. black mam from label360 that shipped out yesterday
    emerald kiss and makeup from the sample sale
  12. I am waiting on a nickel Kiss and Makeup from the sample sale, and I got the other 2 bags I ordered from the sample sale this past week. Elephant Elisha, and green stamp Kiss and Makeup.
  13. My eggplant MA from the sample sale is due to arrive today, and I am also about to pull the trigger on a Morning After with gold crackle bottom. Whee! My poor wallet. :drool:
  14. Just ordered a No Strings clutch in eggplant/eggplant suede from Active Endeavors for $141 shipped! Wooooo! Perhaps we should start a RM sale finds thread...
  15. Ok add a silver date clutch to my nickel kiss & makeup in the list of things I am waiting for.