Who's Waiting For A New Bag To Be Delivered?

  1. Part I: Thought it would be fun to hear who's waiting for a new bag to be delivered (we love the Brown Truck!) and what bag is it?
    Part II: Post Pics when it arrives!

    I will go first: Lauren Merkin Dylan due to arrive tomorrow.


    I will review & post pics when it arrives.....come on, let's hear from someone else now....
  2. Does a wallet count? It could be considered a very small bag as I occasionally run errands with just my wallet, LOL. A Cole Haan rep located the zip around I've been looking for and a coin purse/key fob to match. Just ordered today so hopefully I'll have them by next week. As usual, I'm wondering if I'll be disappointed as I haven't seen IRL. The thrill of the hunt KWIM? Anyway, I'm excited! Yay!
  3. Botkier Sasha in pudding comes tomorrow!! :yahoo:
  4. Lauren Merkin Dylan in Ink due on Thursday!
  5. Toni, OF COURSE a wallet counts!
    Cathy, can't wait to see your pudding
    Just watchin, We will be twins except for color!
    This is fun!
  6. hmm let's see
    Tano Loveboat in White
    Tano Sexy Terry in Camaro Blue

    I like both so much that I couldn't resist and bought both LOL
  7. crap - i was suppose to post actual pix - ok i will do that when i get them! sorry!
  8. i'm waiting for HH Nico Satchel in Poppy Red and a Bulga Multi Zip in Taupe...
  9. On pins and needles waiting for my Chloe side pocket paddy!!!!!
  10. Waiting anxiously for a Be & D Stella in Concrete and a Rafe Astor linen and natural leather hobo - both won from eBay auctions!!!
  11. CathyMD, I've been coveting the Botkier Sasha Duffle. Are you getting the Duffle? Either way, please post pics when you get them, preferably with someone wearing it! Thanks for your considering this.

    P.S. Here's a photo, from Active Endeavors' site, of "the Angelina" from wearing it in black. (Click on it to enlarge.)

    AED18458g.jpg :
  12. Waiting for a HH Havana hobo and a Marc by MJ blue logo leather satchel! I'm so anxious!!

  13. do you have a pic you can post of the bag you are expecting? i am curious to see the MJ thanks! :smile:
  14. Im waiting for a prada hobo that i am paying off in a payment plan so hopefully ill get in a few weeks i cannot WAIT! :smile: its gorgeous
  15. My Chocolate Guccissima Princy Hobo arrives on Friday.