Who's up for another reveal from the car?

  1. Love everything
  2. now that is one cool wallet!!! How functional! I love that extra zippy insert!!!!! And hello, gotta love an instant car reveal lol!
  3. Love this car reveal, haha! Enjoy your goodie and enjoy!

  4. i aim to please...and with the technological advances of these phones, some of them take better pics than real cameras:p
  5. Fabulous! I love things matchy! I was excited when this wallet was released in DE. I am torn between the Josephine and Emilie. Your post has me leaning Josephine.... Enjoy!
  6. Congrats!
  7. Congrats love the car reveal !
  8. Fabulous pairing with your gorgeous Avalon, congrats!!
  9. very nice - congrats!!
  10. Gorgeous!!
  11. Congrats~!!
  12. Congrats!!!!!
  13. Nice! Congrats!
  14. Very pretty ! Congratulations !
    You really convinced me on the Avalon
    and now the wallet !!! Lol
  15. beautiful! congrats!